Jeff Anderson – Advanced Mass Building

Jeff Anderson – Advanced Mass Building

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How To Overcome Mass Building “Plateaus”…
And Achieve Non Stop Muscle Gains !

Everyone makes mistakes in training. That is a good thing.

If you know how to test, track, and refine your results, you can know what works and what doesn’t for building muscle mass specific to your body. I will show you how soon.

I can help you out if you make a lot of mistakes in your muscle building program.

Here Are The 5 Most Dangerous Mistakes
YOU Probably Make In Your Mass Building Program…

…And How To CORRECT Them To Build More Muscle Now !

Mass Building Tip
Nutrition By “Body Type”

There are ectomorphs. Follow a diet that has something to do with it. 20% fat.

They are the mesomorphs. Follow a diet that has something to do with it. 40% of the calories come from carbs and 30% from fat.

There are endomorphs. Follow a diet that has something to do with it. 40% of the calories areProtein and 25% of the calories areCarbohydrates.

Hardgainer. Chunks. They need more because their nervous system burns calories at a rapid rate. Carbohydrates. Someone with a different body type needs to build muscle mass.

The muscular guys. Mesomorphs. If you have more testosterone and growth hormone, you can build muscle. Balanced. Intake of vitamins and minerals.

And. Endomorphs. They convert carbs into fat quicker if they gain fat easily. They will do better with a higher. There is aProtein It will help them burn the extra fat and build muscle.

There is an author’s note. Most people still struggle with eating a proper mass building diet because they don’t know the proper percentages of vitamins and minerals. Too. It’s hard. .

I don’t think weighing out your food is necessary or worth the effort.

I want to give you your own. A plan for a meal. in a second! The value is free.

 width= Mass Building Mistake #2:
Not “Cycling” Your Training Correctly To Eliminate Plateaus!

Mass Building Tip
Up To 20% More Reps With Jacked Up Intensity

Study: A group of people were trained in shoulder workouts. With. And. Without. Listening to something. There is music. There are headphones on.

Findings: On. Every time. Set. Of. Every time. Exercise. The test subjects were done. They had 1 and 2. Extra. They are reps. They listened to music.

It is possible to listen to music during your workout. focused jacked for intensity

Author’s Note: In just a moment, I’m going to share with you a “Jedi Mind Trick” for actually forcing your muscles to “bend to your will”…and grow like crazy!

 width= Mass Building Mistake #3:
Training For A Muscle Building “HORMONE CRASH”!

Mass Building Tip
Hormone Elevation

Your normal daily hormones fluctuations. testosterone levels Around the highest levels are found. 7 am. And again. 1:00 pm During the day.

Your body will be ready for a flood of natural muscle-building juices if you can train around these times. It’s time to increase your growth!

Nearly all of the workouts you pull out of this month’s muscle mag were geared for pro athletes that only build muscle if they’re pharmaceutically enhanced!

Studies show that your testosterone levels are destroyed in only 1 hour of intense training.

All that training is failing miserably at stimulating growth.

You can. Lose. The Muscle Mass. Too much training!

If you want to be amass building master, you need to learn how to jack up your natural hormone release like the big boys.

You will feel a hormone release after your workout if you get in the gym.

There is an author’s note. A lot of guys confuse muscle fatigue with a powerful workout. You would feel exhausted and hit your muscles hard if you trained for 2 hours. Over-trained. I don’t see a lot of new growth.

If you want to know the secret to training less while building. More. The Muscle Mass. I have a surprise coming up for you.

 width= Mass Building Mistake #4:
Not Training For Total Muscle Fiber Stimulation!

Mass Building Tip
Chest Training

Most guys don’t. The upper part of the body. There is a chest. It’s difficult to target this area for growth.

There is a problem. Most incline exercises use too high of an angle and attack the shoulders more than the chest.

There is a solution. You can use an incline bench to train. 30 An angle. There is a maximum for upper chest stimulation. No higher!

What they don’t realize is that their muscles are comprised of several different muscle types. Slow twitch. And. It’s a fast twitch. There are fibers.

There are different types of fiber. function The muscle grows very specific. There are conditions. And. Absolutely. Must be done. You have to be trained a certain way to see mass gains.

Nearly everyone trains in a way that focuses on the task at hand. One type. There is muscle fiber!

You need to incorporate both for total muscle fiber stimulation. The movements are fast. That stimulates your. Slow twitch fibers. ) And. Slow movements. That stimulates your. There are fast-twitch fibers. )!

There is an author’s note. You have 7 different types of muscles in your body. Your ability to build the most amount of muscle in the shortest time possible depends on your total fiber stimulation.

I discovered it. Completely. new. The approach to training is different. That hits them hard and deep. Several advanced mass building There are techniques. That greatly increases their individual effects. Just a little more…

The author has several free meal plans for you and how to adjust each one based on your body type.

 width= Mass Building Mistake #5:
Training A Muscle Group Too Often (Or Not Enough)!

Mass Building Tip
Science Speaks Out On Muscle Recovery Cycle

The graph depicts the normal recovery cycle for athletes after a strength training session.

The first few days: The training session has damaged muscle tissue. It was broken down. And. The body excretes. .

The days are 3-6. The next phase of recovery begins with muscle tissue. repair. There are damaged cells.

The days 7 are here. The muscles increase in strength. mass And. Strength. Prepare for increased workload.

It is important. Your own. It’s personal. It may be a recovery cycle. It was drastically. Different. !

I have something. The test is scientific. You can use that. Your. It was exact. Recovery cycle. The best way to build mass is by training. You will learn more in a minute.

These tips are all good, but nothing compares to what I’ve found recently!

Over the past year, I have been conducting extensive research on how to build the most muscle mass, and I have been shocked by the results.

Give me a few more minutes to tell you about them.

How To Gain More Muscle In The Next 4 MONTHS
Than You Have In The Last 4 YEARS Using
A Brand New Scientifically Advanced “Training Formula”
That Will Thrust Your Mass Building Into Hyper-Drive!

That is a pretty big claim, isn’t it?

Those who know my work understand that I don’t say that lightly. I have the ability to back up my claims.

For those of you who are in this situation. Don’t. Let me introduce myself…

I have a name. Jeff Anderson. It’s better known around the world of body building. The person is called aMuscle Nerd. The champion of the average joe.

I used to struggle to gain muscle on my scrawny. A skinny guy frame is 6’2′′. .

I had been lifting for years and only had marginal success. I was frustrated by it.

One day I was looking over some training notes at the gym from a program I was using when I was a nerd in high school.

I realized that. I was lifting the same weight. I am talking almost on practically all of my exercises. 12 years. After my first program!

I stopped listening to the advice I was getting from the magazines and the jocks at the gym and started my own. personal research dig deep into it. Medical journals. The most bizarre experiments have ever been conducted.

I have had some incredible successes along the way. packing on over 40 lbs of muscle Completely destroying my genetic limitations!

Over the past year. My research has uncovered a lot. new. method Of training. All of my old records have been destroyed.

There is a warning This is a training report. Not. For everyone!

I will save you some time if you are looking for information on how to doval training,core workouts, or anything else. You are in the wrong place.

I am going to give you information about one thing and one thing only. There is a mass. There is a building. ! So…

  • If youre not seeing the same kind of muscle gains you did when you first started training and you’re ready to stand shocked once again in front of the mirror as you stare at your new growth, then please read on
  • If you’re bored with the same old “do this exercise for this many reps” training routines and want to experience such adrenaline-jacked workouts that they’ll have to drag you out of the gym kicking and screaming, then please read on

  • If you consider yourself an “intermediate” or “advanced” gym junkie and are always on the lookout for the latest scientific breakthoughs in how to gain the most amount of muscle in the shortest time possible , then please read on

Are you still with me?

Good! The ones who are ready to grab their little marbles and take their mass building efforts to the next level are the ones I am going to share with you.

You are the ones that I dedicate my research to and I know you will be horrified by what I find.

There is A. GAPING. HOLE. Even in the way. The most advanced lifters are training to build mass.

And here it is…

Ask any trainer or open up any muscle mag to find out how to blast through no-growth training plateaus and the answer you will find typically includes advanced training techniques. It’s called forced reps. … superset Change to something else. The count of repetition. Go. It was high volume. Continue adding gradually. More weight. Take some. It’s time off. You know the list as well as I do.

More often than not. These techniques work. More. There is damage. As you stare into the mirror, wait for the gains that never come, and create even more confusion.

These training techniques are not working. Well, that’s right. There are 2 reasons. Actually…

  1. Nearly EVERYONE is performing the WRONG EXERCISES using the WRONG TECHNIQUES the WRONG WAY at the WRONG TIME in the WRONG COMBINATION ; and…
  2. They don’t know how to use them as part of a total mass building program to achieve real results!

If correct, each of these advanced mass building techniques can provide some relief. Only for the moment. It’s short. Time. !

I decided to break down every advanced training approach I knew had merit and find the underlying factors that made them such powerful weapons.

I was amazed by what I found. You will be as well.

Finally! The. It was exact. 5-Variable Training Formula. That is shocking even pro natural bodybuilders. The strength of a T-Rex can be built.

There is a new look to mass building.


I would like to thank you for allowing me to test out your new. The building is called advanced mass building. system!

I am a natural competitor and contest promoter. A lot. We share pro-athletes. A lot. There are training tips.

But the way you broke them down. Training strategies that are advanced. They were compiled into something. 4 weeks of muscle work. Absolutely. It’s real. !

Guys will go after you created an exciting new look to mass building. It’s crazy. Over their new gains!

Brian Cannone is a person. Natural body builder.

There were 4 main objectives for my mass building research and experiments.

  1. Identify the most powerful “advanced” mass building training techniques that have been scientifically proven to build muscle;
  2. Isolate the individual components of what makes them such powerful training strategies;
  3. Test new ways to magnify the individual attributes of each of these components; and finally…
  4. Refine the anabolic process by combining each individual training component into a complete “system” that will shotgun new growth records.

I only took the most powerful mass building training stategies. And ripped them apart.

I was able to find something after a year of research. There are 5 training variables for mass building. They were responsible for giving each advanced training strategy their street reputation as powerful muscle-builders and plateau-busters.

But it was not. It was second. The first phase. My research is related to that. Blew. Me. Away. …

It wasn’t until I started experimenting with various technique combinations that I discovered the exact variables that were responsible for so much growth. Really. The magic began to happen!

Let me explain.

I discovered that each of the 5 variables had a different effect on the body.

I was able to maximize their individual effects by partnering individual training components.

Any one of the 5 mass building variables can have a dramatic effect on your ability to build muscle.

In the way that I am going to show you, they actually MULTIPLY the effects of each other!

A revolutionary training method is advanced. It is similar to Launching a Mass Building Ambush on your. There are muscles that have fibers. There were disagreements. Them to grow. Large. , There is aICKER. , And more. PUMPED. Than you have ever imagined!

Advanced Mass Building Book

I can barely change my oil, but you can think of this method as if you were working on a project. high performance car. …

A new high- performance exhaust system may increase your output. 20 mph. .

It is worth adding a bigger carborator. Another 20 horses. .

You would think you would have more power, right?


There are two new systems. Working. They are together. For increased efficiency. They can give you a combined output of as much as you want. 60 or 70 horses!

That is. What does my new training system do?

By coordinating the most powerful training strategies. They are together. The result is a mass building frenzy that is the equivalent of adding a new system to your muscles.

Don’t be foolish.

Training that is advanced does. Not. Always. Mean training is hard.

The answer to building more mass is gut-wrenching workouts that leave your breakfast on the gym room floor.

I will ask you to push yourself.

The key to my program’s success is in the program itself. It was precise. coordination These training strategies are advanced. … Not. They ripped your body apart and put you in the hospital.

After 1 full year of research, experimentation, and fine tuning, I am ready to reveal my breakthrough mass-building discoveries to the public!

I will reveal a few secrets here. The first mass building manual. It has finally been done. You can train advanced. All. The. Time. …

 width= How a simple “machine gun” training strategy can slather your body with a natural flood of muscle-building, fat-melting growth hormone! (Almost no one knows about this technique even though it’s been scientifically proven in the gym! ) (page 42)
 width= How to achieve ( in just 4 weeks! ) such powerful momentum in muscle stimulation that your gains just don’t seem to want to stop! (page 32)
 width= An advanced “5 rep” training technique that blasts through muscle fibers like a stealth bomber …and sends you out of the gym with such a massive “pump” , you’ll need to turn sideways to get through the door! (page 64)
 width= The “secret” to mixing up your workout reps…so you get even better results from every single set, every workout, every time! (pages 26-28)
 width= How a simple “adjustment” to the last set of your workout can give you an explosive edge in triggering the most amazing strength gains of your life… GUARANTEED !
(page 75)
 width= Why “skinny guys”…buff “jocks”…and “chubsters” cannot ( MUST NOT !) eat the same way to build muscle …and how to easily adjust your diet to stimulate the most growth! (Ignore these simple changes at your own “mass building peril”!) (page 103)
 width= A simple “test” that will FINALLY reveal the EXACT training frequency you need to follow (y es…customized to YOUR body! ) to build mass as fast as humanly possible! )
(pages 89-90)
 width= The most overlooked phase of your workout …and how to use it to become “Lord and Master” over your ability to build massive amounts of muscle AND brute strength … even in the SAME WORKOUT ! (page 29)
 width= The true “lifters” are secretly laughing at you because you don’t know how to use this one piece of equipment! You may as well stamp “BEGINNER” in big red letters on your forehead unless you use this solution that I’m going to hand you on a silver platter! (page 86)
 width= The correct way to use isolation exercises to hit deep into your muscle fibers with the precision of a Special Forces Sniper ! (Almost everyone gets this completely WRONG… but not YOU after you discover pages 24-26 !)
 width= Why 99.95% of the guys training in the gym are absolutely clueless in how and when to perform this one “advanced” technique! (If YOU’RE currently training this way, you’re missing out on a LOT of muscle! ) (pages 59-64)
 width= Short on time? This is your primary “mass building weapon” to build twice as much muscle in half the workout! (page 18)
 width= The absolute best time to use a “bodyweight” exercise to stimulate your “power” muscle fibers to react with a mass-building meltdown! (page 77)
 width= “Operation Tangle Foot”! The simple (yet POWERFUL ) method of bridging ” muscle fibers to launch an assault that hits DEEP into every single cell…and slaps on mass like CRAZY! (My “war story” starts on page 45!

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 width= Mass Building Mistake #1:
Not Eating Based Upon Your Specific “Body Type”!

Forget the “one-size-fits-all” mass building diets !

“Skinny” hardgainers, naturally buff jocks, and “chubby” guys do not have the same biological makeup and they process nutrients differently so why would they follow the same nutritional advice to build muscle?

And it’s about much more than just “eating more or less calories”!

If you train intensely all the time, you’ll gain only one thing…mass building frustration!

Even advanced athletes and bodybuliders have to correctly cycle their training to not only avoid injury and avoid overtraining…but to also maximize their mass building to gain as much muscle as possible.

Using “advanced” bodybuilding techniques like forced reps and going to failure all the time may “feel” like the way to train…but you only get bigger if your body can support that level of intensity.

How to cycle your training to avoid muscle building plateaus where you don’t see much growth really depends upon how well designed your mass gaining program is.

The more intense it is, the more recovery you’ll need and even taking a week off can yield new gains.

While other programs may train at such low intensity that they can be sustained year round for the “average guy” (but not really provide much in the way of muscle gains).

In another minute, I’ll show you a completely new way of training that will allow you to train hard … train smart … and reveal your personal training cycle that yields the very best muscle gains for your body!

But first, here’s a quick bonus “intensity tip” for you…

It’s every experienced muscle monkey’s dilemma…

It’s a sad fact…but a very REAL one…

When I look to the left and right in any of the hundreds of gyms I’ve visited all over the world, I have to shake my head at the way these poor schmucks are choosing their exercises, how they’re performing them, and yes…even what order they’re doing them in!

Should you train each muscle group once or twice a week ?

Again…since everyone is different, some guys will be able to train each muscle group up to twice a week while others will see a decrease in muscle with even a basic mass building program.

How do you know which category YOU fit in?

A lot of it depends upon the actual training program you’re using and there IS a way to “test” your own personal recovery cycle (more in a minute), but for most people looking to gain muscle mass , training each body part once per week with an intense workout seems to show the best results ( see graph below ).


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