James Marshall – A Natural History and 6 Phases of The Seducer’s Cycle

James Marshall – A Natural History and 6 Phases of The Seducer’s Cycle

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Thank you for reaching out. . If you are reading this secret page, you are one of a few guys I am offering a book and course to. The original launch is over. The product is back in the vault, but I am offering a re-release. There is an incredible limited time offer below. This page is only for your eyes and will be taken down soon.

My book is on the surface. A man decides to live his life to the extremes along with a bunch of dirty sex stories. It is much more than that. It is.

Through the insights, secrets and confessions of James Marshall, there is a comprehensive plan to natural seduction and lifestyle design.


This book is more than just a collection of seduction reports, it is a case study where I test out the extremes of what is possible in sex, seduction and lifestyle. It is an intimate journal of a very unusual lifestyle experiment.

Those who want to be more than just entertained by the book also want the secrets of seduction and lifestyle design. A special course has been put together to accompany the book.

You will be able to take this course. To your own seductive journey, create the blueprints. I avoided the mistakes I made while also incorporating the insights from a man who went from flute playing nerd to international playboy with multiple girlfriends and the life of a rockstar.

Here is the truth about seduction. It won’t. Tell you.

It takes a long time to achieve mastery.


This doesn’t mean that you can’t get results when you approach women.

It is unlikely that you will get laid with the very first woman you speak to, but to be able to choose and get the women you want and to have the self-belief and confidence to keep them. This doesn’t happen overnight.

The fact is that. There is more to success than sleeping with a lot of women.

It happens through the system. Personal evolution and life experiences are gained throughout your journey.

This invitation is for you to begin your own journey in seduction. Knowing how to move. The seducer has 6 phases. With the least amount of pain and time wasted, and as much sex and fun as possible.

The lifetime journey of seduction will be revealed by this coaching product. How to use it as a tool to unlock all the aspects of your life, how to set your goals and inner mindsets to create the relationships you want, rather than simply settle for what is in front of you.

It tells me that you have the same desire as I did when I was here. To have true freedom, choice and abundance is what the desire to become natural with women is about.

You know who I am. James Marshall. The Natural…

What were you like before that?


I became famous in the community after I was an accomplished seducer. I had never done anything before.

Most women come into my life through chance or a social connection. I was able to get a pretty girl through friends. I didn’t have a choice in the women I had in my life.

Some women were out of my reach, and always would be. The blonde glamour models in fancy nightclubs, sleek corporate women in stockings and skirts, popular college cheerleaders, tanned surfer girls, oh and threesomes… I was light years away from that.

I made a decision after I ended it with the last girlfriend, who was pretty and sweet and wanted to get married. I would work on seduction. I vowed not to settle for another average girlfriend and would not stop until I had achieved all my goals, conquered my fear of top shelf women and created an elite lifestyle.

The beginning stages were difficult. Most of the women I talked to weren’t interested in the girls I was chasing down the street.

I found myself sleeping with women with ease as I continued through the initial tough phases.

I was able to seduce all the types of women that had recently been out of my league. I started rolling with a group of men who were masters because of their practice and dedication. The basis for my was built by engineering their mindsets and behaviors. There are 5 principles of natural seduction. The framework is used for teaching. Thousands of men have been coached to become Naturals since then.

When she left the door, I rushed to my computer to write down what happened. Some would say I was lucky for future generations of ladies men because I was obsessed, unhealthily, but I recorded in real time the pain, triumph and growth I went through.

From the original cute Hipsters in Australian dive bars to the hottest sirens in the world.

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I became aware of the true nature of female desire and the darker sides of their sexuality. I had to remove girls from my roster every month to make room for the new ones.

There is no way I could have imagined studying kung fu in a temple, having five girlfriends, and falling in love with a Ukrainian model in the Amazon jungle. It is all contained in the book.

How does it help you? A case study of several years devoted to mastering women, seduction and lifestyle.

  • W hat to do to go through the struggle of the 6 Phases of Seduction to get to the spoils at the end of the journey.
  • Secrets to creating a loyal crew of men and women who deliver you opportunities in seduction, travel, business and lifestyle.
  • How to create different dynamics of female relationships, from quick, intense seductions to long term fuck buddies or deep love affairs.
  • Embracing the spiritual side of seduction: As much as it is about getting girls, it’s also about using the ups and downs of the journey to understand complexities of your ego, shadow self and underneath that your true actualized potential.
  • What it takes to get the woman of your dreams and fall in love.
  • That is just the beginning.

    Originally, the book was just a series of seduction reports with commentary, but as I continued to put it together, I realized that this book had more potential to help men evolve and reach the next level in their lives.

    I wanted the guys to be able to walk away knowing the road ahead of them, and what they could do to get started. I kept writing, adding layer after layer of in depth philosophy and my most personal thoughts, fears and dreams. All the most intimate details were added to my private diaries. The journey was raw and uncensored.

    You can just read the stories and be entertained, but where do you go from there?

    I analyzed my life as I read the stories. There are 6 distinct phases within seduction. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it I knew they were expert seducers. Men would go through a series of phases in their journeys.

    The phases of seduction could be understood by men.

    The journey wouldn’t be that hard.

    As the launch of my book got closer, I decided to put it together. A Natural History: The 6 Phases of Seduction course has an extended program.

    The course is designed for you to develop a long-term understanding of seduction, as opposed to a magic-pill solution that the market is saturated with.

    You can download a PDF version of the book from a private membership site.

    LIFETIME access to the entire course is what you will need because as you go through the 6 phases and continue the cycle, the information will reveal deeper levels to you over time.

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    The book is accompanied by a course.

    There are 17 key seductions within my book. The practical aspects of the 6 phases are shown. This is me, after a decade of teaching experience, analyzing the game of my younger self, digging up insights and lessons that I didn’t see back in the day.

    You will be able to reference them to the book, as well as the videos on the seduction phases, because these breakdowns will be delivered in chronological order of the book.

    You will receive over 5 hours of never before released material on the 6 phases a man must pass through to fully understand seduction and his true masculine potential. This is a never before presented plan for success.

    The 6 Phases of Seduction course has something for everyone.

    PHASE 1: The Beginner’s Mind

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    This is when you start to believe you can change your success with women. You are considering starting this journey if you approach women.

    The challenges that face you are the subject of this phase.

    If you don’t know what you’re doing in this phase, you’ll end up getting stuck and not getting any results.

    Some guys will talk themselves out of it, creating convincing excuses as to why seduction couldn’t work for them. Others will just keep chasing more magic pill solutions, without taking any action to change their love lives.

    You will discover in this module.

    • The right type of goals when you’re starting seduction. Set them too high, and you’re setting up for failure. Too low, and you get nothing done. You’ll be shown how to set manageable goals that keep pushing your edge.
    • Developing discipline in seduction to build momentum, and how to get the most out of your approaches.
    • Why you need to be realistic about the women you can get and how this will grow and expand in the future.
    • How to navigate through the social anxiety and fear of rejection that cripple most men from making real progress.
    PHASE 2: The Dating Game


    You begin to see results and more depth of the social matrix if you make it past the rocky starting phase. You can approach women, hold a decent conversation, get some numbers and dates, and occasionally get laid.

    If you don’t have a clear plan of what you’re working towards, you won’t be able to take advantage of your success.

    This is where I will teach you.

    • Logistics: What you need to know about your logistics and working the nightlife and daygame hotspots of your city, to have successful dates that end in bed together
    • Multiple relationship mindsets so you can begin dating multiple girls with ease while constantly meeting new women to bring into your life
    • How to handle the unavoidable family and societal judgement that comes from growing in seduction. Once you start improving your skills with women, you’ll experience many reactions to it. I’ll show you how to handle disapproving family and friends without compromising getting what you want.
    • Secrets to mastering your city: If you’re able to understand the social dynamics and nightlife of your city, you’ll be able to find the hottest women with ease.
    PHASE 3: Multiple Lovers


    You are starting to enjoy the fruits of your labor. You can start having casual relationships if you get women into bed regularly. You can approach women with ease no matter when or where you are. You can see women for what they are, not what you were taught.

    This is where you can explore the full range of female sexuality, as well as your own.

    This is where you can explore the full range of female sexuality, as well as your own.

    I will let you know what I have to say about this phase.

    • How to set up proper expectations with lovers t o stop girls from falling in love with you and to have ethical multiple relationships.
    • Why you need to figure out your seductive archetype and your own unique way of seducing women.
    • Female sexuality 101: The tools you can use to open up to the darker, more kinky sides of female sexuality – finding out what your lovers want, and satisfying them
    • How to deal with jealousy, fights and complications that come with multiple lovers
    PHASE 4: the breakdown


    When you reach the intensity of juggling multiple women or one particularly challenging one, this period can happen in any one of the phases.

    In this module you will learn how to use this natural part of the cycle to deepen your awareness of yourself and more, even though most people assume that a breakdown is to be avoided at all costs.

    As you begin to achieve these highs in seduction and personal development, your darker shadow side will start to come up as well: pride, ego, fear, self worth, all of these things have to be addressed and dealt with in this journey.

    If you know how to navigate this phase, you will come out stronger and even better with women. They will shut down your emotional intelligence and ability to take risks of the heart if you try to suppress them.

    You will be shown.

    • The self destructive behaviours to avoid, and how to use this phase to dissolve your ego
    • How to heal your past pains and traumas, whether they’re from previous relationships or from your childhood
    • The steps to take to realign and find your purpose, cutting out harmful habits and mindsets and figuring out where to go next
    PHASE 5: the one

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