Paragon Project – Crash Course DeluxeBundle

Paragon Project – Crash Course DeluxeBundle

Paragon Project – Crash Course DeluxeBundle

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Paragon Project – Crash Course DeluxeBundle1 Paragon Project – Crash Course DeluxeBundle

The truth is that the modern laws of attraction have been in place for a long time.

You only need to understand how these laws work to attract a beautiful woman. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it There are no pick up lines, tricks or secret involved in this process.

Everything you learn here is an interpretation. The social dynamics were already in place before we arrived. Men who are. The same skills that we will be teaching you will be used to attract women. Don’t even know what they’re doing because it’s just their natural behavior.

You are reading this because you have not been so lucky.

The social skills and processes that the naturals use have been identified and compiled into a flawless system that any man can use in order to be just as successful with women as men who have the natural gift of game.

That means that your luck is going to change.

Our material is so advanced that it’s the first thing we need to do. You can get a 200 page book for free.

You will learn a lot in this free e-book. Approach basics. The story is told. The openers and routines. Alpha males. Speaking to women. # Kino Body language. Women’s tests. The game is called the Inner Game. The Outer Game is a game. Understanding women. False time constraints Pawns and pivots. Mistakes are made by theAFCs. Our ranking system. There is a mental state of a PUA. Nice guys and jerks. It’s # Pedestaling. Group sets. There are closing concepts. Seductive naming. There are types of men and women. There is a phone conversation. Building trust. Fear of rejection. # Negs Testing women. The use of props. Mental programming. The game is called Wingman. Kissing, Foreplay, Sex. Being funny and being humorous. IOIs and IODs are used. Social value. Social proof. Social circles. Meeting women online. First date basics The Rapport is being built. The beginning game. The mid game. The game is over. Building confidence is part of the confidence building process. There are places to meet women. # cocky and funny. The appearance basics. The theory of push and pull. Being a bad boy is part of being a bad boy. This list would be almost twice as long.

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