Nick Krauser – Balls Deep

Nick Krauser – Balls Deep

Nick Krauser – Balls Deep

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Nick Krauser – Balls Deep1 Nick Krauser – Balls Deep

A man is trying to become a professional seducer. Nick Krauser worked in an office. He decided to learn Game after divorcing his wife. Until the magic happens and he seduces a bunch of hot young women, join Nick from the beginning.

There is a chronological note.

One particular girl is the focus of half of the book. I had sex with them in chronological order, regardless of when we first met. The non-sex chapters are placed in chronological order. Every story has different time periods. For example I met and laid Rakiya within two days over the New Year ringing in 2010 and never saw her again, whereas the Dovile story covers two years from meeting in September 2010 to sex in January 2011. That is the best way to impose a narrative structure on a messy reality. The volume begins in January of 2009, ends in March of 2011, with some girl’s stories continuing on longer where necessary to close the loop.

The introduction is about something.

It is difficult to write a memoir that is not a show-off. Chances are you have this book because you want to know how I did it. I had sex with one hundred new women in four years. When I first got laid on this journey, most of them were in their twenties.

It wasn’t special, but it was rare.

Every man has a responsibility to pass on his genes to the next generation. The current version of a DNA code is a million years old and must be a winner.

That is correct. This book is the latest in a long line of winners.

Of course, so are each of the other 2 billion men on the planet, so let’s not think of ourselves as special snowflakes just yet! The Darwinist fight for survival and replication is a dirty fight for each generation. Disney tries to put a clean romantic gloss onto the fight, but the reality is often squalid, dishonest, and shocking. Pick up a gossip magazine and read the relationship pages.

I preferred the Disney version. I believed in the respectability of the suburban family. I grew up with my parents still married, an older brother, and a steady job. I was happy to fulfill the role that was expected of me. By age 31 I was happily married to a Japanese girl one year younger than me, because I worked hard at school, even harder at work.

I was going to acquit myself of my responsibility by doing that. Things went wrong after that. My wife left me and I lost interest in my job. It was a bad time. I was the only person in my family to have gotten divorced. It felt like it stung.

I moped for three months. I had no joy for the rest of my life. I felt like an imposter at work. I was completely lost when I was approaching my thirty-fourth birthday. I didn’t know how to find a girlfriend. The rest of my life was like a sexually-barren landscape.

I fucked an escort on my birthday. She was twenty-four years old, from Hungary. I looked at the websites to see if they were hot enough for me and calculated how many times a month I could afford an escort. I spent a lot of money on it. It was the only way I could have sex with women I liked.

Oh my gosh! I’m afraid of the thought now.

I heard about the Seduction Community, a world-wide group of men who claimed to have learned the secret code to picking up women and having sex with them. I gave it a try. It worked. I succeeded even though most men fail.

I found a new path. By the end of it, I had learned a lot about women and myself. My world-view would be rebuilt from the ground up. Let me ease you into the journey as you sit and read these words. Everything you know is wrong. I wrote this book to show how I stumbled upon my version of the truth.

The book is about women in my life. I like to write it in a way that takes the edge off. As the story progresses, you will see me develop from a sexless fool who couldn’t even get a kiss for six months into a man who was having sex with nineteen-year-old students in the middle of the day. I had sex for the first time with a nineteen-year-old fashion model from Serbia on our second date.

It was awesome.

I will come across as an insufferable braggart. I apologize for that. There is only one way to write about a hundred hot young women. I tried to show the darker side of the story. I was probably unhappy more than I was happy on this journey. I experienced anxiety, selfdoubt, and a sense of isolation as I tried to get good at seducing women. I will write about my failures.

This is the first volume. It tells about 25% of my story. I will share my experience of beginning the most difficult journey of my life and by the end of this volume reaching a stage that most men have long since given up on. Many of my readers will be dipping their toes in the water for the first time, wondering if they could become a professional seducer. Most of the feedback is failure and the path is littered with landmines and wild goose chases, so I will do my best to guide them through those tough early stages.

I will write the next twenty-five percent if people enjoy reading it. I hope you enjoy my story. I liked living it.

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