Mr Twenty-Twenty – Manifesting To The Max (2016)

Mr Twenty-Twenty – Manifesting To The Max (2016)

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Victoria and I want you to know how easy it is to get what you want in life, and how often you can succeed, so that you can succeed even faster.

We don’t want you to get this in your head, we want you to notice.

When you notice how easy this actually is, and how often you actually do manifest what you are feeling, you can celebrate and be rocket fueled by your wins, and you can adjust quickly from your failures. Your success rate skyrockets!

Have you ever wondered why some people get this and why other people don’t?

How to get it more than before.

Story time…

  • There is a spotter for every sniper.

They are a highly trained and effective unit.

They read each other’s minds. My Uncle Rob was in the war and he taught me that. You need to be both a spotter and a sniper. Most people miss this. Thank God for Uncle Rob.

  • He said the person was trained to shoot. It is called following the formula.
  • The spotter was trained to notice and to tell the sniper what the shot did in seconds.

Getting quick results is what Makng INSTANT ADJUSTMENTS is about.


What matters is the results.

We are going to show you exactly how we do that, while we are doing it live in the recordings. They are together. It was the most exciting project we have ever done.

But first…

Take it to heart…

  • Immediate adjusted results mean quick results.
  • Feel how important that is.
  • Without real time noticing, the sniper can’t do his job effectively.

His life would be a hit and a miss.

I used to manifest that way. Most people do it that way. I ran into problems again.

I started applying this to everything I do.

The hit and miss game was frustrating.

Since then…

I have gone from being frightened to flying like an eagle.

This is what I have learned.

You can follow the formula, but if you don’t have eyes on what’s happening, you can’t learn from your near misses.

You can take credit for your wins if you don’t organize them. How much energy do we have on those videos? That is where it is from.

We know this works because we notice it works all the time.
If something isn’t right in our bones, we make adjustments in the moment so we hit our target 99% of the time.


Uncle Rob said that you can’t learn from what you don’t notice.

In Manifesting To The Max, you will learn how to notice more in your bones, so you can notice quickly when you abandon or abort your desires.

Let’s go up a level.

If you watched us live or on the replays, you will see me teaching Victoria two of the three models we are diving into in the members only section.

I have been working with these models for the past 3 years with a few of my personal clients. She will learn, live on camera, exactly how she creates massive success in her life, and you will see her speed up.

You can see where she crashes and burns. You will see how quickly she picks herself up again, retargets, and fills her wish with what you are learning, instead of taking forever. How cool is that?

  • You will learn how to stop abandoning your dreams. Don’t live from them.
  • When you fully assume the state of your wish fulfilled, and when you think you do, you will learn how to notice.
  • You will watch and hear us celebrate our successes, after we use the models so you can follow along, noticing how we get lost, and how we find our way home.

While you are doing this training, make sure you watch those videos.
You will have members with only links to all of those.
We are working on a Members Only Master database. You will have access to this so you can find all the cool stuff on those videos.

Make sure you watch those videos because they could rock your world.

Don’t watch them just because they give you the end of the pool. We gave away as much as we could while answering your questions, but now it is time to dive deeper.

After diving into the Members Only Materials, you will be able to see what we are exploring, much deeper.

If you compare the 4 free introduction recordings to the live Feel It Real Fun videos, they have a different flavour and are opening to a deeper level.

There’s a bonus: members get access to all those recordings.


Here is what you will get in your program.

The program is called MANIFESTING TO THE MAX. There are three modules in the Members Only Section.

You are getting more than 30 pages of written members only goodies. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it You canRITE on them if you print them out. Take notes on the side if you can.

You can download and enjoy these now in the Member’s Only section. Have fun!

You are getting 3 months of membership only audio recordings. Over six hours total. You can listen to them on your computer, phone or tablets. Feel free to download them as well. Fast, easy fun.

You will not be the same person at the end of these trainings. Imagine that.


I don’t want you to just learn.

I want you to bring it to your house.

I want you to feel it.

Listen to these recordings.

Don’t work at what you are listening to.

You will notice, time and time again, that when you go back to RELISTEN orREAD the members only materials, it is like, whoa, I didn’t hear that before. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it You are changing in the course and every listen will become a completely new adventure.

Life should be like everywhere. The adventure of a lifetime is what we call it.


Once you get in…

You are going to start seeing everyone in a different way.

You are going to notice more quickly. When people you love, when strangers stand next to you in line, and how fast they get results, NAIL IT. The best learning you can get is called that.

You will be speeding up a lot faster.

You will get this at such a core level, instead of just getting this conceptually, or sometimes getting it as a real life aha moment, you will be amazed at how many people waste so much energy.

This is important.

The more you notice how quickly this happens and how rare it is, the more you are going to rock your world.

Like driving, think about this. If you have ever driven in heavy fog, and you can’t tell where your car is, you need to slow down.

Most people are living quiet desperation and long term confusion. Most people have a foggy far away look in their eyes. Have you seen people who are far away who don’t have Rock and Roll LIVES? They don’t live all that well.

I almost never have that foggy look. You know why! Why that matters.

WELCOME to a world of non stop opportunities to have fun, to tune up what you do, and to fly like an eagle while on this adventure of a lifetime! There is a new website called Manifesting To The Max.


Before we ever taught live, we only taught one model at a time. They can be yours as well.

  • The purpose of the power.


Those are worth the price of admission. Today, it’s just 97 bucks.

You are also getting two more mellow gold goods.

Over the full 90 days of Manifesting To The Max, you will get 7 hours of rock solid gold recordings and close to 100 pages of pure gold.

Here is the deal.

You know what we teach works, and you know what we share is different than what everyone else is teaching.


Most of the success stories you have read are from members of the other 90 day program.

Do it if you haven’t done it before. We are talking about investing just a buck a day, the price of a cheap cup of coffee, to transform your life.

  • You know it works. You can read it for yourself.
  • We give away 5 days a week on the Feel It Real Fun videos, and over 1,000 articles, lectures, videos and audios on our sites.
  • We are giving away all this, for just $97 bucks, if you are ready to dive even deeper.

That is it. You get the whole thing!


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