David Wygant – What Men Desire

David Wygant – What Men Desire

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The Powerful Loophole In The Male Mind To Make Any Man Fall To His Knees And Beg To Be With You… Tonight! Read this entire letter & you’ll discover how to make the man you want uncontrollably desire you


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It’s attention: Do you want to be a man? Obsessively desire you. ?


The Powerful Loophole In The Male Mind To Make Any Man Fall To His Knees And Beg To Be With You… Tonight!

Read this entire letter & you’ll discover how to make the man you want uncontrollably desire you — no matter:


  • …what you look like
  • …how disinterested he seems
  • …if you think you can’t compete with his other “options”

Skeptical? I don’t blame you. I promise. The letter will change your mind.

It is possible to get a man to feel uncontrollable. Passionate DesIRE It is very simple for you. You don’t have to put in a lot of effort to have the man you want wrapped around your finger.

There is a warning The technique takes advantage of a powerful loophole in every man’s mind and forces him to desperately desire you as if he can’t breathe without you.


All you need to know are the right emotional “switches” that overwhelm a man’s mind and create powerful, passionate desire for you.

He will be so enamored by you when you flip the switch. He will walk barefoot through fire to be with you. Thank you. For it.

I am going to reveal some secrets that most women don’t know about men.

  • The secrets men don’t want you to know about how they think and what they secretly want deep down…
  • “Innocent” techniques that make him feel like he can’t live without you
  • And my most important secret: how to get him to honestly commit himself to you , mind, body, and soul… all while thinking it was HIS idea

Why You’re Just the “Woman of the Week”
& Not the “Woman of His Dreams”

Have you ever had your heart broken by a man? It seems worse each time.

I bet you have heard these exact words before from a man.

  • “What we have isn’t really working for me…”
  • “I don’t want to drag things out…”
  • “It’s not you, it’s me…”
  • “I’m really busy with everything in my life and I don’t have time to be with you…”

You’re not his priority.
You’re not that important to him.

Am I right? How many times have the men in your life fed you lines like this?

I am here today to call B.S. on all of them.

What isn’t really working out? At some point, it was working out.

He is busy? Please. We all make time for the things that matter to us.

When a man tells you something like, I’m busy or It’s not you, it’s me, what he’s really saying is, I’m busy. Really. Is that correct?

“You’re Not Important to Me”

THIS is how you deserve to be treated: with hopeless devotion.

He thinks you are disposable. You are replaceable. He can break up with you, break your heart, and throw away everything he has with you because he can find another woman tonight.

He thinks so.

He thinks he has other options. He thinks there are many other fish in the sea.

What did he do? Doesn’t. Is this true? The best thing that ever happened to him was this beautiful, kind, loving woman he was tossing aside. He didn’t know how she enriched his life.

A man knows as soon as possible. This is it. There are no other options. There is only one fish in the sea. There is only you, and I am going to tell you the secret that determines whether he wants you to be with him or not.

The Secret That Forces the Man You Want To Beg & Plead To Be With You

I’m about to show you how to stop chasing HIM

It is life-changing when I share it with you. Never be taken for granted by a man again. .

You can make him want to please you from the moment he wakes up. It’s amazing to see the man you want to look at you like the only woman in the world he could ever love.

The reason that so many women are taken advantage of is the same. They are chasing a man. .

When you have something and lose it, people always want what you can’t have.

…and start making him chase YOU !

How do you do that? Stop chasing him. Start letting him go. You should be chased. ?

It is simple. You can flip the script on him.

I will let you know the secret to doing that in just a second.

But Wait! Who Am I?
And What Do I Know About All Of This?

As Seen On:

I am a man first and foremost. I know a thing or two. What men want.

That is only scratching the surface. Over the course of 17 years, I have coached thousands of women to flip men’s emotional switches.

My advice is often sought after.

  • TV (including The Steve Harvey Show, FoxNews, MTV, E!, Dateline NBC & The Early Show )
  • Magazines (including Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire & Harpers Bazaar )
  • Newspapers (including The NY Times, The LA Times, The Miami Herald & The Boston Globe )
  • And online (including Pattiknows.com and the Huffington Post ).

It is sought after by 1.2 million men and women who subscribe to my newsletter for their free daily advice on relationships, and by the thousands of women I have coached over the years.

I want to tell you a little bit about Sarah. Sarah was one of the women who had to sit by and watch her friends find men who loved them and treated them right while her man kept pulling away and withdrawing.

Her previous boyfriend was a jerk to put it lightly. He was one of the guys who left her for his friends and his career. He broke up with her with that classic line.

I don’t have time for a relationship with everything in my life. It is me, not you.


Sarah’s heart was broken and she was shattered. She didn’t know how easy it would be to make him beg to be with her.

Sarah is one of my friends. I take care of the women on my team. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it Sarah was given the secret and powerful way to flip an emotional-switch in her boyfriend’s mind. I told her what she needed to do to get him to chase after her.

Sarah’s man started chasing her again. He told her that leaving her was a huge mistake and that he wanted one more chance to treat her right.

He went from distant to passionately pursuing her. She had changed the course of her relationship.

Sarah was not lucky. She used the exact emotional switches that every man has. If you flip these switches in the man you want, you will force him to passionately and desperately pursue you, just like Sarah did.

It is the easiest thing in the world if you know the right emotional switches.

And I Teach You How to Do It In:


How To Understand Men &
Become the Most Attractive Version of Yourself

In. What men want? I give you an easy to follow system for making the man you want…

  • Chase after you…
  • Bend over backwards to please you…
  • And commit himself to you fully…

All while thinking it is his idea.

I created this for months. The system is simple and powerful. It is possible to make a man so desperate to be with you that he would do anything to get your attention.

Here’s Just Some of What This Powerful , Life-Changing Audio Series Will Teach You…

  • How to master the critical “ 2 second rule “, so that the man you want finds himself passionately pursuing you and begging you to be with him !
  • How men and women really do communicate differently — and how understanding this is critical to making a man desperate to please you
  • Why men fall head over heels for women who know my secrets and understand how to flip a switch in his brain that makes him eager to commit to you !
  • How to avoid over-analyzing what men say — and how to know exactly what he really means when he says things to you.
  • How to skip the “dating rules” that are keeping you from meeting the most amazing men so that you can meet Mr. Right tonight
  • Why great men are alone waiting for YOU — and exactly what to say and do around these guys to get them shaking with passionate, eager desire for you !
  • And a WHOLE LOT MORE !

WOW! All That From Just 4 Audios!?

Yes, actually… You will be convinced when you see how easy it is to make the man you want to marry bend over backwards for you.

Also, There is an unexpected side benefit here. Don’t be surprised if he starts to plan romantic moments with you! He will want to do anything he can to please you. Anything. To make you happy!

PLUS: If You Order TODAY, You’ll Get Exclusive Access to These AMAZING Bonuses for FREE!

Become Fearless Audio

($19.95 Value)


This inspiring and illuminating audio will change how you see yourself in the world by giving you a totally new perspective. If you have ever felt nervous around men, this audio will get rid of that once and for all. You will hear about it.

  • How making one simple mindset shift will make you so much more attractive to men it will shock you!
  • How to COMPLETELY ELIMINATE DOUBT from your life (including your dating life), so that you can always have the man you truly desire!
  • How easy it is to create an amazing lifestyle that makes you 500% more attractive to the man you desire!
  • The way to immediately get rid of all your nervousness about approaching men you’re attracted to — and how that immediately spark chemistry between you!

Develop A Winning Attitude Audio

($19.95 Value)


This audio program will show you how to have the right mindset before you start implementing the amazing techniques I teach in this program. It is the ultimate head start.

  • How to reap the benefits of having control over your love life and being able to attract men everywhere you go!
  • How to cultivate the kind of energy that attracts the RIGHT men — and how once you have it, attracting these men becomes effortless.
  • Why you should gauge your interest in a man by how YOU feel when you’re around him — and how to become the selector when it comes to men, so you’ll never get rejected again.

Date to Win eBook

($27.00 Value)


My customer favorite is the Date To Win eBook, which is a step-by-step guide to building an amazing dating life. The following are included in some of what I cover.

  • How to recognize the qualities you’re looking for — and be able to tell if a man possesses them when you meet him so that you ALWAYS choose the right man…
  • The ins and outs of flirting — learn the best-kept secrets of what men respond to every time and the elite advanced techniques that only the most successful women know about! (Hint: This has NOTHING to do with looks…)
  • Dating — how to successfully navigate the dating waters from first date to serious commitment … a how-to survival guide you can’t afford to live without…

Define Your Look Audio

($19.95 Value)


Is it important how you look? Not necessarily for the reasons you think. I don’t care about your weight, your height, your hair color, or your shoe size, but I do care about how you feel about it. It’s time to throw all your image excuses out the window.

The mental and practical relationship these have on your dating life will be covered in this bonus. It’s time to start thinking differently, and deeper, than the usual discussion of your image.

  • The secret of how to make men find you sexy in almost anything!
  • How men love and are attracted to EVERY sort of woman and body type — and why you are exactly what he wants… you just don’t know it!
  • The 3 small changes you can make today that will totally change how men react to you and will create instant attraction…
  • The right and wrong ways to select your wardrobe — and why there are certain people from whom you should NEVER take fashion advice

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