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Hard Money Lending Live™

Don’t let history repeat itself.
You can learn from others mistakes.

Commercial real estate has gone through many ups and downs. Intermediaries need to analyze and learn from the mistakes hard money lenders have made in the past in order to become a responsible investor. The Capital Placement Series includes Hard Money Financier Vintage. Intermediaries can get 16 hours of video training packed full of intellectual capital and an in-depth study into every aspect of hard money lending.

Hard money lending can work well for certain projects. The ultimate goal of Dandrew Media is for each of our Intermediaries to have all the tools and knowledge they need to make smart decisions as they determine the best financing option for their deals. You will learn from others mistakes and acquire responsible investing practices. You will be familiar with the pre-qualifying procedures, property valuation and loan guidelines. The success of commercial real estate financing lies in the details. Dandrew Media will lead you to a future of prosperity that will allow you to live the life you have always known was possible.

Intermediaries will learn.

Hard money lending. Hard money lending is explored. Intermediaries will learn why so many hard money lenders have failed, build awareness of prevalent underwriting oversights, and discover the most common hard money business models.

The deals that were Underwriting were the Borrower and the Qualifying Deals. The most common types of liens, file preparation, how to read a credit report and lending on non-owner occupied properties will be taught.

Estimating the value of property. Intermediaries will learn how to estimate the value of a property and gain an understanding of Broker Price Opinions.

There is cross-collateralization. It’s important to master cross collateralization. The terms of cross collateralization and releases will be explained in detail.

There is a bonus material.

You will also receive Hard Money Financier Vintage with the purchase. Four. There is a bonus Infographics!

To keep our Intermediaries organized, Dandrew Media wanted to show them exactly how to do it and not just tell them what to do. Each Infographic is the ultimate desktop resource that you need to keep your deals progressing and successful closes. The Infographics were printed at an impressive size of 17′′ x 11′′ and hung on your office wall.

There is an Infographic.

There are mistakes in hard money lending. It is time to learn from others mistakes. If you are closing hard money deals, you need to know the top ten reasons why others have failed. There are a few reasons that made our list. Don’t let it happen to you.

There is an Infographic.

There are common oversights of hard money lending. It is the most important task in a commercial deal. Intermediaries are told to focus on developing a strong pre-qualification system. You can learn the most common mistakes.

There is an Infographic.

Guidelines for hard money lending. Investment Bankers use the best underwriting strategies. This is an Infographic you need on your wall if you have noticed that your underwriting practices are lacking.

There is an Infographic.

How to read a cheat sheet. Taking advice from someone who doesn’t have to live with consequences is always a good idea. The Infographic is a must have for all Bulk REO deals. Don’t just read it and analyze it. It is time to learn how to identify red flags.

There is a capital placement series.

Dandrew Media’s Capital Placement Series covers how Intermediaries can become a successful Capital Provider and also explores the core of commercial real estate revealing sought after industry secrets.

If you are currently locked out of the real estate market due to a lack of funding options or are looking to start your own fund, the Capital Placement Series is your go-to resource. Invest in yourself. You will be amazed by the results.

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Hard Money Lending Live™

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