[Download Now] Bill Bronchick – Create Your Own LLC and Family Limited Partnership

[Download Now] Bill Bronchick – Create Your Own LLC and Family Limited Partnership

[Download Now] Bill Bronchick – Create Your Own LLC and Family Limited Partnership

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[Download Now] Bill Bronchick – Create Your Own LLC and Family Limited Partnership


Bill Bronchick – Create Your Own LLC and Family Limited Partnership

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Bill Bronchick – Create Your Own LLC and Family Limited Partnership

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How to Insulate Yourself From Liability, Save Tens of Thousands
in Unnecessary Estate Taxes and Become Legally “Judgment Proof”!

Warning: Your Odds of Being Sued Are Greater Than Your Odds of Being in the Hospital!

Lawsuits are an everyday threat to your financial well-being. Imagine a thug sticking a .357 magnum up to your throat and demanding you turn over your wallet, credit cards, jewelry, and keys to your luxury car. How do you feel? Scared out of your mind? Vulnerable? Violated? You will feel exactly the same way (and maybe worse) when you are hit by a lawsuit and you know you haven’t done anything wrong! I will teach you the skills you need protect yourself from being a target for the “bloodsuckers” and “ambulance chasers.” With impenetrable walls of protection around you, lawyers and greedy plaintiffs won’t be able to touch you or your assets!

Don’t Own Real Estate In Your Name!

According to a December 2004 Money Magazine article entitled, “Landlording 101″

“Thinking about becoming a landlord? Review this checklist of essentials before you go ahead and take the plunge:
1. Set Up an LLC – that way if someone is injured on one of your properties, the company becomes the legal target
and your personal assets will be shielded from any claims.”

Yes, even mainstream publications like Money Magazine will recommend this basic step for all landlords.

Are You Ready to Give Half Your Estate Away to the Government?

Like many entrepreneurs and professionals, you are going to work hard so you can amass a fortune for you and your family. You are also going to plan carefully so that your family can achieve financial freedom. Then, when you pass on, the government will take up to half of what’s left in estate taxes. Think about it – the IRS is going to take another half of the same money you already paid almost 40% taxes on! It’s like a grave robber opening up your coffin and stealing half of your money from your family. When you add 40% (federal and state income taxes) to 55% (estate taxes), you could lose up to 95% of everything you have worked for!

If you have been duped into thinking estate taxes were removed by Congress, think again! We have the highest taxes in the world! If you are upset about this, you should be!

Attorney William Bronchick explains in “Plain English” the secrets of creating and maintaining limited liability companies and family limited partnerships for estate planning, asset protection and privacy.

This One-of-a-Kind Home Study Course Reveals:

How to create and use LLCs to protect yourself from lawsuits. This course gives you state-specific information, not just “generic” forms. You will learn who to call, where to file and how much to pay for your state. You will learn how to create an LLC operating agreement or family limited partnership agreement and other required paperwork with the least amount of hassle.

Why an LLC beats an “S” corporation for holding real estate. You will learn the many benefits of using an LLC for holding rental real estate.

How to use LLCs & Family Limited Partnerships to “judgment-proof” your assets from creditors. Bill shows you how to take advantage of little-known state laws that allow you to use LLCs and partnerships to shield your assets from creditors.

How to maintain legal formalities in an LLC. Nine out of small LLCs operate under a false sense of security. A good attorney can convince a Judge to “pierce the corporate veil” and go after the LLC owners (yes, that’s you!) directly. You’ll learn how do you avoid this trap entirely!

Tax Issues Involved in Reporting Income. Bill explains the complete gammit of federal partnership and LLC tax law in plain English!

How to use a “Family” LLC to save thousands in estate tax. Bill shows you how to use “valuation discounts” to save tens of thousands of dollars in estate tax. The rich and shameless having been using this tax loophole for years – why shouldn’t you?

How you can form multiple LLCs to protect your real estate holdings without any additional tax reporting. You will learn the secrets of the “single member” LLC, which allows you to create multiple “subsidiary” companies without additional tax returns.

Hiring employees – what you don’t know can hurt you! Learn the legal and tax issues involved when hiring employees and using independent contractors.

How to make your creditors pay your taxes for you! You’ll learn how an LLCs or Family Limited Partnership will protect your assets from judgment creditors. Bill shows you how to set up a “booby trap” for your creditors will get when they try to attach your assets!

How (and when) to take advantage of Nevada LLCs. Nevada LLCs can be very powerful if you use them correctly or very expensive if you don’t. Learn the proper way to use (and when not to use) a Nevada entity.

The New Federal Case Law on “Single Member” LLCs – learn how to deal with these new issues

LLCs vs. Limited Partnerships – learn which is better, depending on what state you live in.

How to do all of the paperwork yourself and save thousands of dollars in lawyer fees!

And much, much more!

Why Not Pay an Attorney to Form an LLC?

Attorneys charge hundreds of dollars per hour and most often don’t even do the work! They give the basic information to a legal secretary or an outside service to draft the very simple paperwork, then mark it up to you, the client. They are able to get away with this because of what they KNOW, not because of what they DO. You can learn the same information and do it yourself for a fraction of the cost.

Clients often ask me to form their LLC and I often TALK THEM OUT OF IT and sell them my do-it-youself package. Honestly, I make MORE money by doing it because I have an office staff and computers that do all the work! But, an attorney who simply FORMS a corporation for a client is doing a disservice to the client. The reason is simple… knowing how to form a corporation is easy, but knowing how to MAINTAIN THE YEARLY PAPERWORK is what clients MUST know how to do. So, by teaching YOU how to do it, you are better off than if I do it FOR you. Plus, if you decide to form more than one corporation, you will save EVEN MORE by learning how to duplicate the process. Wouldn’t you rather be “in the know” than pay an attorney thousands of dollars?

What About Online Filing Services?

There are many companies that offer “teaser” rates for online corporation or LLC filings. The low rate they are offering is for BASIC FILING. There are a dozen other steps to the process, which they will charge you for, piece by piece. The truth is, most of them upsell you into a $500 package by the time you are done. Save your money and learn to do it yourself – it will be cheaper and you will get it done FASTER.

Your Package Comes Complete With…

* 250 Page workbook complete with state-specific legal references

* Legal forms CD-ROM with state-specific filing forms to create and use corporations without paying expensive attorney fees!

* State-specific filing forms and instructions, including website and mailing addresses for your state department of corporations

* And much, much more!

Plus, When You Order Online Now, You Will Get Two Special Bonuses Valued at Over $100.00!

Bonus : 30 Minute “Quick-Start” Audio CD

William Bronchick live on CD. Listen to this audio CD in your car to get the “gist” of it – just 30 minutes in length so you can listen twice and learn it well!

Why Pay an Attorney Thousands of Dollars For Paper-Pushing? Do It Yourself and Save!

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