Commercial Value Added Modeler™ For Income Assets

Commercial Value Added Modeler™ For Income Assets


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Commercial Value Added Modeler™ For Income Assets

One of the most popular models.
The four food group projects were revealed.

This is the most sought-after modeler. Intermediaries can not only understand costs and profit of a particular apartment rehab project, but the model is also a great tool to negotiate pricing from your seller. Proper due diligence is a must for every deal. Intermediaries can use this model to evaluate the project’s strength during different financial situations.

You can effectively manage your projects with our user-friendly financial spreadsheets. You can simply input your data into our models and within moments you will be ready to present your deal to investors. There are four main topics in the Multifamily Value-Added Modeler. Every aspect of your project will be analyzed, giving you insight into its strengths and weaknesses.

Purchase today and you will be familiar with the resources. Next time a deal comes across your table, you can hit the ground running. It’s important to prepare for your success in commercial real estate. Are you ready?

There are modeler highlights.

Income assets are exposed. This is the most popular modeler. We will make sure you present your deal effectively to investors, building credibility and landing you a close.

The project vision is more than numbers. Sometimes investors need to see more than just the numbers. They have to believe in the vision. Intermediaries can communicate the project story and position.

Capital sources should be maximized in the capital structure. It is important for investors to understand where they fall in the capital stack. The model shows how capital sources will be used to maximize profits.

The exit strategy was successful. Unless you have a plan to get out, not one investor will buy-in. Demonstrating to potential investors that you know the business and understand their needs will build credibility.

What is included?

Dandrew Media wants to help our Intermediaries be successful in commercial real estate. We have been in the business for 20 years and know what it takes to get investors and close the deal. You can live a prosperous life if you work our system.

You will receive with the purchase of your modeler.

There is an instructional DVD. There is a modeler training manual. A fully-customizable modeler.

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Commercial Value Added Modeler™ For Income Assets

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