Caribbean Well Being Cruise 4/1/06

Caribbean Well Being Cruise 4/1/06

Caribbean Well Being Cruise 4/1/06

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Caribbean Well Being Cruise 4/1/06


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Cruise CD1. Abraham kicks off the cruise. Abraham is a classic. The full essence of You is what we are looking at.

The CD2 is a cruise. He wants the same connection as Esther. A teenage boy doesn’t seem happy. He and a friend did an experiment. Do East Indians make objects?

Cruise CD3. A horsewoman wants to regain her strength. Is it possible to allow butterfly’s natural evolution? Happy with it. What is that? And eager for more? His anguish began in his sixth year.

Cruise CD4. It is not possible to control the thinking of others. When attention is on you. Is it possible to close the gap by paying attention to feelings? He put his toe on the lawn. Is it necessary to socialize children where we are? He is missing his 30 year career.

Cruise CD5. Shouldn’t they focus on their lawsuits victory? He loves his parents. Have his divorces become a pattern? Adult children don’t approve of Dad’s marriages.

Cruise CD6. That’s right. Feelings. Do you mean for the sake of feelings? We don’t have the ability to not think. Is it possible to make peace with a loved one’s death? Is grief a beautiful emotion? Is it possible that he could not change his child’s movie?

Cruise CD7. Do dogs get lonely when left alone? Do we have a plan for actions? He wants to confirm what he knows. What made her feel uncomfortable? Is it possible that her child could be socialized without being disciplined? To better understand Abraham. Inner being. What is the concept? What makes the musical classes last? Freedom from relationship comes from releasing resistance.

The CD8 is a cruise ship. A quick review of Abraham’s Teachings. Why don’t you just stay in physical form? Did her vision help him? She had a question about thought addictions. Is her personal traumas not inspiring others? Was she allowed to become more so? She should be working on something. It’s happiness. Or Allowing. ?

Cruise CD9. Do you mean a broken arm? Is it an emotional response to an experience? Without. Past. Or Future. It is only. Now? A teacher has questions.

Cruise CD10 There have been years of pain and low energy. She asked about painful sexual fantasies. Is it possible that the therapist encourages jump-threateners to jump? Thanks for the button.

Cruise CD11. Is her fear stopping her Flow? She is not comfortable with biblical revisions. The Leading Edge is being pushed by the teacher. I want to better understand the meaning of pain.

CD12 is a cruise ship. But, what aboutdging beliefs? There aren’t different co-creative Vibrational Families. Is Abraham’s teachings going to improve his therapies? Is there past life sexual abuse?

Cruise CD13. Thank you to Jerry and Esther! Is it possible to trust in one’s Inner Guidance? Her job is always changing. She wants to feel self-love. Abraham closes the workshop.

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