[Download Now] Warrior Goddess Empowerment with HeatherAsh Amara

[Download Now] Warrior Goddess Empowerment with HeatherAsh Amara

[Download Now] Warrior Goddess Empowerment with HeatherAsh Amara

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[Download Now] Warrior Goddess Empowerment with HeatherAsh Amara

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Live More Boldly

You can let go of old expectations, release limiting beliefs and stop doubting yourself if you open to activation of your Warrior Goddess. You can be more fun to be around because you are less afraid of being real.

To honor your Warrior Goddess, you have to have the courage to be audacious and realize that you are enough.

As a Warrior Goddess, you have access to more energy that allows you to bring forth your more tender parts, such as compassion, love and humor.

You let go of the other person’s script for you. The inner revolution. Allowing your real strength to emerge along with a softer and surrendering that allows your soul’s essence to thrive.

Become Powerful AND Vulnerable

The Warrior Goddess has a secret that allows her to be fully herself by embracing her innate strength and tender humanness.

For your own empowerment as well as for the benefit of the earth and your communities, you need to awaken the Warrior Goddess in you.

You create the space to truly when you claim the Warrior Goddess. Make your greatest contribution to our world if you nourish your soul. .

How do you claim this power?

In the 7-week period. The goddess of empowerment is a warrior. HeatherAsh Amara will show you how to use the practical, soul-liberating methods that have helped re-awaken thousands of women and turn her book. The Warrior Goddess is training. It was a word-of-mouth hit.

A Teacher You Can Trust


HeatherAsh will guide you in practices that allow you to follow your own path. Release layers of expectations. To see yourself for who you really are.

HeatherAsh blends the wisdom of the priestess and shamans with modern psychology and straight talk.

She studied and taught with the author. There are four agreements. Continues to teach with the Ruiz family. Her work is a blend of many different religions.

She will show you that tapping into your Warrior Goddess is the kind of power so desperately needed to continue the strides made by women over the past century and to help make the changes that will best serve humanity, the earth and ALL of life.

We have an exciting program and juicy community for you to join.

  • Uncover and release any places you’ve kept yourself small or sabotaged yourself to stay safe or be “liked”
  • Activate your sassy, sweet, creative, open goddess side
  • Gain three important tools to warm the frozen and scared parts of yourself
  • Dissolve any agreements or energies you are carrying that are not yours
  • Gain three quick tools for creatively responding to obstacles
  • Experience a shift around your self-conceptions, turning feelings of lack into exciting opportunities for making positive changes
  • Learn the four main ways you block your creative flow
  • Release any ways you’ve used power against yourself and open to your true power
  • Understand how the shamanic tools of ancient cultures can be used now to help you release your past and recapture your energy
  • Discover practices that stop you from abandoning yourself and bring you back into the clarity of the present moment
  • Feed your inner fire with a simple daily morning and evening practice
  • Understand how to integrate your strength and vulnerability together as two sides of the same coin to move through your life more authentically and powerfully

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

The course sessions are on Wednesdays.

HeatherAsh will guide you through the spiritual skills and competencies that you will need to successfully release the layers of expectations you, society and culture have placed on you and to see yourself for the authentic, passionate, empowering Warrior Goddess you truly are.

You will develop a complete understanding of the practices, tools and principles you need to see yourself as a temple and sustain your full presence, power and potential with each weekly, LIVE contemplation and training session.

Module 1: Own Your Warrior Goddess Fire (March 22)


You will learn how to burn away your fears, the places you keep yourself small, and the unconscious limitations you carry, so you can own your warrior power and goddess compassion.

You will:

  • Uncover and release any places you have kept yourself small or sabotaged yourself to stay safe or be “liked”
  • Fully own your warrior courage and voice
  • Activate your sassy, sweet, creative, open goddess side
  • Explore how your vulnerability is actually your strength
  • Understand the important difference between compassion and caretaking

Module 2: Ignite Your Courage to Shine (March 29)


We stifle our voices, close down our intuition, and protect our hearts. We let the painful experiences of life affect our enthusiasm. We know what we need, but sometimes we don’t have the strength to do it. We are confused or unsure of what we want.

What would happen if you had total faith in yourself? What if you stopped judging, comparing and tearing yourself down, and instead used your inner super power of self-love? If you shifted your perspective, you could go from deplete to faith-filled.

You will in this module.

  • Learn how to live an unapologetic, fully embodied life
  • Gain three important tools to warm the frozen and scared parts of yourself
  • Clear out limiting beliefs that shade your brightness
  • Clarify your true core work that burns at the heart of your inner fire
  • Connect to a larger source of energy and inspiration through a simple daily visualization

Module 3: Bless Your Courage to Fail (April 5)


It takes courage to embrace both your beginnings and endings. It takes more courage to see your fear of failure straight in the eye. This is a skill you can cultivate through simple practices that help you reprogram your brain from logical to cyclical thinking, so you know deep in your bones the blessing of falling down and getting back up again, wiser and more resilient.

You will in this module.

  • Learn how to free your fearless, creative self — your wild child
  • Define what your unique moral code is so you stop comparing and start creating
  • Gain three new techniques to quiet your mind and stop self-judgment
  • Fall in love with failing! Really!
  • Go beyond procrastination or making rash decisions
  • Discern when to act and when to wait patiently for right timing

Module 4: Unblock Your Warrior Goddess Creativity (April 12)


You are ready to awaken your inner creative fire once you develop the power of courageously facing the messes, failures and scary places of life. You can use this power by tapping into the wisdom of your belly, claiming the strength of your heart, and owning your intuitive knowing.

We will start to unweave cultural, generational and personal trauma and limitations when we explore where we as women block our power. Imagine what it would be like to release the weight of your past, including any agreements you have with your parents, and live in the present day. Each day is filled with inspiration and conscious choice.

You will in this module.

  • Learn the four main ways you block your creative flow
  • Dissolve any agreements or energies you are carrying that are not yours
  • Stop doubting yourself or putting off important decisions
  • Experience how to listen to your most powerful knowings
  • Gain three quick tools for creatively responding to obstacles

Module 5: Claim Your Full Power (April 19)


We stop using other people’s opinions against us when we accept our Warrior Goddess power. We stop taking anything personally, and move past the victim/perpetrator, right/wrong models to step into the power of gentleness and the fierceness of compassion, which exist beyond blame and self-doubt.

Your power is about invitation, vulnerability and clear boundaries. When you learn how to say something, you will have power. No. As easy as you say. Yes. . You can have power when you befriend and love your fears. When you are clear and connected to your truth, you are the most powerful.

You will in this module.

  • Release any ways you’ve used power against yourself and open to your true power
  • Learn how to use your body as a tool for staying in your power no matter what
  • Identify your top fears so you can release their power over you
  • Vision a world where your power is supported and encouraged
  • Gain skills to lovingly encourage your daughters and friends to stay empowered, too

Module 6: Stop Sabotaging Your Clarity (April 26)


Have you ever had the experience of knowing what you want, only to be confused by someone else’s opinion? Do you ever start a new habit with great enthusiasm, only to sabotage it and go back to the old habits? Do you want to make changes that stick? It is time to learn how to name, hold and act on your clarity.

Learning how to stop abandoning yourself is the key to radical self-support. Listening to the stories you tell yourself and choosing those that feed your inner fire is what this means. You can make choices if you observe your thoughts and behaviors.

You will in this module.

  • Forgive yourself for past mistakes and self-betrayal
  • Understand what your best is and how to live from 100%
  • Gain valuable “check-ins” to help you ascertain if you are aligned with your purpose
  • Kick the habit of self-abandonment once and for all
  • Connect the creativity of your child-like awe with the clarity of your wise elder self

Module 7: Vision Who You Are Meant to Be (May 3)


All women can see their worth, their wisdom, and their laughter. We can hold hands all over the world. We can invite every child, every man, every single being, regardless of gender or belief, to hold hands with us. We weave a web of acceptance, respect, love and forgiveness.

This dream begins with you. Your acceptance. Your forgiveness. Your self-confidence. The perfect day to start again is each day.

You will in this module.

  • Harness the power of your weaknesses
  • Understand the importance and skill of reparenting yourself
  • Align yourself with “magical thinking” and watch your life transform
  • Feed your inner fire with a simple daily morning and evening practice
  • Learn how to ally with others to create a new vision of the world

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