[Download Now] Sunny Sharma – Transurfing Reality

[Download Now] Sunny Sharma – Transurfing Reality

[Download Now] Sunny Sharma – Transurfing Reality

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 Sunny Sharma – Transurfing Reality Sunny Sharma – Transurfing Reality

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[Download Now] Sunny Sharma – Transurfing Reality


Reality Transurfing is great for the rational mind which needs an explanation for spiritual concepts. It eases the mind into rewiring its conventional worldview into opening up to the possibility of what this life can become.

Why do most people struggle with the Law of Attraction (LOA)?
Most people struggle with LOA because they come at it from a limited perspective. As I said before, you cannot gain conscious control of the creation process if you are lacking in awareness. So in order to be successful at manifestation and creating your own reality, you should start to meditate and become more aware throughout the day. Deepen your awareness into the realization that who you really are is beyond this mind and body. That inner, deeper You is the one that creates reality, not the small self or “ego.” Until you’re ego identified, it will always be difficult to consciously create reality.

How did you first come across Reality Transurfing?
I came across Reality Transurfing on Youtube and bought the book instantly. Since then, I have read it countless times.

What motivated you to start using Reality Transurfing?
It just clicked instantly for me. Reality Transurfing made so much sense to me and opened up my mind to so many possibilities. Reading and applying the process felt so liberating. This fueled my passion to start teaching it and sharing with others, my thoughts and experience with it.

What are some of the most common mistakes people make with using Reality Transurfing?
They don’t read it fully haha, some don’t read it at all. It’s not really one of those books you can just listen to as an audiobook once and understand it. It’s also not something you can just dabble in. Either be in or be out. Commit to trying out the process and if you do so, try to learn the whole process from beginning to end with an open mind.

What are some of the most common difficulties people have with using Reality Transurfing?
The most common difficulty people have is becoming more aware of their own thoughts, emotions, desires, beliefs, and identity. Your desire to master yourself has to be equally as great, if not greater than, your desire to master reality. Only then will you be able to create reality because reality is at all times only a reflection of You.

What is the mirror principle? How does it work, and how can we use it?
The mirror principle is a good analogy of how reality works. The world is a mirror that reflects your relationship to it. The experiences you come across are always a direct reflection of your state of being, which we can say consists of your thoughts, emotions, beliefs, and identity.

What you carry within IS what you experience outside. Your entire external reality, including your body, is a direct reflection of your internal reality.

In order to apply the mirror principle to your life, you have to withdraw attention from the external and direct it towards the internal. Stop trying to fight against reality and instead, go within and remove the cause of what you don’t enjoy in the external.

Why is it important to change one’s identity? And how can we do this?
The identity you assume in any given moment determines your experience of reality. Assume the identity of the creator, and you’ll have one type of experience. The next moment, assume the identity of a victim and what you experience will be completely different. Identity is the deepest level of reality creation through which your beliefs, emotions, and thoughts flow.

You can say that your current identity comes attached to its corresponding reality. So in a sense, by changing your identity, you also change your reality. A shift in identity will change everything, including the thoughts and emotions you experience.

What is the Number One main message you want to get across about Reality Transurfing?
I want to help people wake up to who they really are beyond the physical. For now, I teach a lot of manifestation and creating your own reality but I believe that my mission is ultimate to help people do something that’s is much more important than that: to deepen their awareness and realize the Self.

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