[Download Now] Soul Evolution Mastery with Linda Backman

[Download Now] Soul Evolution Mastery with Linda Backman

[Download Now] Soul Evolution Mastery with Linda Backman

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[Download Now] Soul Evolution Mastery with Linda Backman


Salepage : Soul Evolution Mastery with Linda Backman

What You’ll Discover in These 7 Weeks

There are course sessions on Tuesdays.

In this 7-week transformational journey, Dr. Backman will guide you through the fundamental spiritual skills and competencies you will need to deepen your connection with your council of guides and align your life purpose with your soul’s archetype.

You will develop a complete understanding of the practices, tools, and principles from the previous sessions so that you can master the lessons from your past lives for healing and transformation in your life.

Linda will be presenting three main topics and the modules will allow for deep engagement with each of them. The final session of the course will help you better integrate the teachings.

You will receive in-depth teachings and intuitive practices to access guides that will lead to input about your soul’s signature and purpose. Linda will present true-life case studies of soul regression from her work to ground and expand the teachings. You will be given weekly exercises and questions to deepen your access to your guides and help shift current life challenges.

Linda will be available for live Q&A on most class sessions to answer your questions.

Module 1: Receiving Information From Your Guides
How to Develop Your Intuitive Capacity (May 29 & June 5)


Everyone. It has intuitive capabilities. Your intuition works through images, emotions, body sensations, and thought. These are the ways in which your guides give you information.

It’s important to trust this mechanism and your own skill in order to master intuitive reception. Linda will help you understand when and how your guides are speaking to you, especially your primary soul guide, in this module.

You will discover:

  • How to acknowledge and trust your strongest intuitive, sensory abilities
  • How to “label” the energy of your spiritual guides
  • Your primary guide and their soul nature
  • Signs that your spiritual guides are communicating
  • Coordination of the higher realm by advanced guides
  • A guided practice, in which you’ll have an intuitive encounter with your spiritual guides, ask them “life” questions and receive answers you can trust
  • A buddy to support you in developing intuitive reception

Module 2: Identifying Your Immortal Soul Signature
The 7 Archetypes of Divine Energy (June 12 & 19)


The seven equal, sequential aspects of divine energy are essential for humanity to evolve into an egalitarian culture. One-seventh of the highest light is the energy of each soul. The events, people, and choices in your past and current lives are manifestations of this signature.

The soul archetype is unchanging and must be interwoven with the other six energies to function as a unit. You are exactly if you lean more in the left-brain, linear approach to life or the right-brain, creative direction. Who? You need to be.

Judgement of yourself and your life can be dissipated when you honor the qualities of your soul.

You will in this session.

  • Know the value of bringing the highest “light” to Earth
  • Understand the 7 soul archetypes and related characteristic energy
  • Identify your own immortal, soul archetype
  • Identify the beneficial and unfavorable aspects of each archetype
  • Recognize the soul archetype of other purposeful relationships in your daily life
  • Enhance their purposeful relationship with souls of different archetypes
  • Expand their actions in life to enhance their this-life agreements tied to their soul signature and commitment to humanity’s evolution
  • Engage in guided practices to deepen your intuitive capacity and access to your spiritual guides

Module 3: Earth-based & Interplanetary Souls
Understanding the Origins & Path of Your Soul (July 3 & 10)


When. The person is Homo sapiens. souls from elsewhere in the universe arrived on Earth. The souls brought their expanded level of evolution from their home base. The word. The person is Homo sapiens. Latin means wise man. For tens of thousands of years, these souls have been imprisoned on Earth. Earth-based souls are referred to as such.

Some interplanetary souls are rarely seen on Earth. Between Earth incarnation there are hundreds or thousands of years. The need for advanced soul wisdom has led to more interplanetary souls on Earth. interplanetary souls are challenged to function within Earth’s lifestyle of unhealthiness as a rule.

Many children are in need of being understood. interplanetary souls must inform Earth-based souls. The parent or life partner of an interplanetary soul is often Earth-based.

You will come to this session.

  • Recognize and honor key aspects of your past lives that explain this-life knowledge, skills, and gifts
  • Identify current life challenges that stem from past lives
  • Discern whether the bulk of your past lives have occurred on Earth or interplanetary
  • Recognize how your Earth lives provide the capability to manage everyday life
  • Comprehend where interplanetary lives occur
  • Perceive the unique qualities of an interplanetary soul
  • Differentiate between spiritual guides for Earth-based vs. interplanetary souls
  • Access your guides and discover whether you are an Earth-based or interplanetary soul, with related gifts and challenges

Module 4: Align Your ‘This Life’ Purpose With Your Soul Archetype
Deepening the Mystical Bond With Your Guides (July 17)


When you trust that you are always able to contact your soul-level guidance, your intuitive spirit-guide bond is priceless. Your communication pathway with your guide is permanent. The chemistry of merging with your guide can be called mystical.

By merging the awareness of your soul with your evolutionary life path on Earth and interplanetary, you can expand the magical qualities of your spiritual-guide bond to embrace your this-life-purpose. Bringing your soul’s wisdom to Earth in life today will transform humanity’s ills and struggles.

You will discover in this module.

  • How to honor your intuitive capability at all times
  • Respect for the ongoing presence of your guides
  • Function daily from your purposeful immortal archetype
  • Utilize the wisdom and skills of their soul’s evolution on Earth and interplanetary
  • Accept the gifts and challenges of interplanetary souls
  • Support interplanetary souls, whether children or adults, related to their purpose and unique qualities
  • A guided intuitive experience to alchemize and transform your soul’s energy, life purpose, soul archetype, and Earth-based/interplanetary experience.

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