[Download Now] Danielle MacKinnon – Intuition Through The Soul Package

[Download Now] Danielle MacKinnon – Intuition Through The Soul Package

[Download Now] Danielle MacKinnon – Intuition Through The Soul Package

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Danielle MacKinnon – Intuition Through The Soul Package

Is it possible that you might be a psychic? Do you ever want to be able to trust your gut, but not be afraid of it? Do you enjoy using your intuition in your daily life? Do you want to expand your psychic senses in a way that will help you understand yourself better?

Intuition Through the Soul is not designed to push you out of your comfort zone and into a brand new psychic world. This program will help you expand upon your existing psychic senses while opening yourself even more to your intuition.

If you understand how you are already using your intuition, and then most excitingly, to build, grow, and expand upon that, you can ease into your intuition in Intuition Through the Soul.

Are you ready to remove obstacles to your psychic abilities?

Working with the Intuition Through the Soul package will help you expand your psychic senses, but it will also help you identify obstacles that stand in the way of you being able to be a truly clear, sensitive, trusting person.

Danielle has been teaching these techniques for a long time. She has never before offered her techniques, tools, and thoughts to the general public. Thousands of people have already worked with Danielle to open their intuition and change their way of thinking about themselves.

Today is the day that you can realize your intuitive potential.

Get Danielle MacKinnon – Mapping Your Soul System Package on learnbeacons.store rigth now!

PART ONE | Setting Your Foundation

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Do you feel like your life is chaotic? Do you wake up worried at night? How do you manage your emotions and energy?

To access the truly intuitive psychic being you are, you must have a solid foundation from which to work. The place to start is your energetic foundation. It is time to learn how to manage your energy.

Following steps, rules, and what everyone else says will no longer work. It is time to cut in to you.

Danielle shows you how to go within, so you can determine if your own energy management techniques are creating the right framework for future success or if they are holding you back because of old patterns and self-limiting thought processes.

Danielle has the most effective energy management tools yet. Many people don’t realize when it’s time to discard their old tools as all too often old tools fall short of achieving the foundation required to create real positive change Using this program and Danielle’s tools, you’ll learn how to create a solid foundation, one you can stand on firmly and with assurance, one that will deliver the life you want to lead.

You will in setting your foundation.

  • Learn how a lack of energy foundation can prevent you from experiencing life to the fullest
  • Learn how to re-access the energy of your soul, through the Soul Energy
  • Harmonization
  • Rebuild a stronger more robust foundation for your greater success
  • Learn how to test the effectiveness of your own techniques
  • Release the energies you’ve absorbed from your environment.

Danielle uses the same techniques that she uses with her highest-vibrating clients in this audio.

PART TWO | Own Your Energy

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Are you stuck running the same thought over and over in your head? Do you get overwhelmed when you leave the house? Does your mood change quickly?

Any type of expansion, growth, or work on yourself requires a balanced energetic foundation. Can you really trust yourself to make the best decisions if you keep worrying?

That’s why Danielle created her Own Your Energy CD! This audio is full of techniques to help empower you and realign you with your own sense of contentment and clarity.

You will in this audio.

  • Learn how to re-empower yourself no matter what your situation
  • Find the confidence you’ve been seeking to take your work to the next level
  • Feel comfortable standing up to that bullying boss
  • Get happy as you drive to work (even though you don’t love your job today)

The exercises in Own Your Energy are easy to do. Either do them one at a time or all of them at once. Danielle loves to make her clients laugh, so the techniques she has included here are all fun. What else could you ask for?

The value is $18.00

PART THREE | Breaking Through Barriers to Intuitive Clarity

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Are you not happy with your intuitive abilities? Did you take psychic development class after class? Do you have a hard time trusting the information you receive? Are you afraid of getting something wrong?

Hidden barriers can prevent you from opening your psychic senses. It is possible to discover and learn from these energies so that you can release them and become a psychic.

1100 people joined Danielle in a pre- recorded journey designed to help her clear her mind of barriers that prevent her from being a psychic. You will be able to access the deepest levels of your soul in this audio to help you release the barriers that have been standing in your way.

Danielle will lead you through a powerful group clearing that you can use again and again. This audio can be used to break through the hidden blocks.

  • Your clairsentience may kick in so you actually feel the release occurring.
  • Many people report sensations in their body, more clear eyesight, and expanded awareness of the air around them.
  • Your energy may shift so that you experience an increased excitement and motivation to “open.”
  • Your inner knowing may rev up, providing you with sudden inspirations and messages.
  • Your psychic senses may even begin expanding DURING the call!

A group of more than one thousand people came together to clear the blocks after a powerful call with Danielle. You can also experience the amazing energy of the call right now.

A value of $97.

PART FOUR | Get to Know Your Spiritual Guides Finally!

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Do you have a hard time connecting with your spiritual guides? Are you concerned that you are bothering your guides when you ask for assistance? Is it possible that you don’t have any guides? Are your guides going to come through for you?

It is time to learn about your spiritual guides. Danielle helps you understand your spiritual guides and their roles in your life in this one hour audio program. She gives you information about Deceased Loved Ones, Guide Teams, and how guides function in your daily life. She is constantly asked, Who are my Guides?, How do I connect with them?, and Are they mad at me? Danielle knew she had to create a program that would give you an inside look at everything. You will learn in Get to Know Your Guides.

  • How Guide Teams actually function (how do you get a guide anyway?)
  • What does a Spiritual Guide Team consist of?
  • How to call on your Guides (is there a special prayer?)
  • About differentiating the various teams assigned to you
  • How to benefit from what your teams have to offer

People who have been wondering about their guides and those who have been trying to connect with them, but aren’t quite feeling it, are the focus of this program. Danielle has many years of experience working with her own guide teams as well as those of her clients.

A value of $97.

PART FIVE | Psychic Awareness Test

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Do you think it’s not your thing to open your clairvoyance? Do you think others are more intuitive than you are?

If you answered yes to any of the questions, you will most likely benefit from learning more about your psychic senses. Many people who are most interested in becoming open don’t realize that they already are.

Danielle’s Psychic Awareness Test gives you the chance to look at every day occurrences in your life to learn how they are actually guided.

The test will help you understand.

  • Which of the four main psychic senses you are using most often
  • How you are using your main psychic sense in every day life
  • Which of the four main psychic senses are the least open for you
  • How you take in intuitive information
  • And more!

Here, Danielle uses a downloadable PDF test to show you how to understand yourself from a new angle. She believes that everyone is psychic – and this test will help you understand how you already are. And being armed with the knowledge of your psychic strengths and challenges will make it even easier to go deep within the soul to open your intuitive abilities even further!

A value of $127.

PART SIX | Reveal Your Clairvoyance and Clairaudience

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Do you want to see a psychic image? Are you frustrated because your psychic sight isn’t working the way you want it to? Do you hear things that don’t work out? Do you want to hear more clearly?

You have come to understand how your energy affects your intuitive abilities and you have been applying your new tools and techniques to your every day life, you have cleared as many fears, energies, and contracts standing in the way of you. It is time to get expanding.

Danielle explores the worlds of psychic sight and psychic hearing in Part Six of Intuition Through the Soul. You will learn.

  • What is Clairvoyance and Clairaudience
  • How does opening these psychic senses help you in your everyday life
  • What are the common misconceptions about working with these senses
  • About the downsides of opening these senses

And because Danielle believes the best way to work with, expand, and grow an intuitive sense it work with it, Danielle will teach you simple yet fun (and often surprising) exercises for expanding each sense!

Danielle will help you clear Soul Contracts that are standing in the way of psychically expanding your clairaudience and clairvoyance. Danielle will provide you with a soul-level clearing designed to take advantage of all of the work you have done so far on your clairvoyance and clairaudience by removing any remaining energies blocking your expansion that you are ready to let go of!

Involving the soul’s energy in your psychic opening makes expansion easier, more fun, and much more efficient.

A $127 value.

PART SEVEN | Reveal Your Claircognizance and Clairsentience

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Do you think you are smarter than other people? Do sad people make you sad? Do TV shows affect your mood? Do you have a hard time trusting information that you know?

In Part Seven of Intuition Through the Soul , Danielle helps you expand into the world of claircognizance and clairsentience. Because these are two senses are two of Danielle strongest senses, Danielle has helped thousands of people expand in this arena. In this audio you’ll learn:

  • What is Claircognizance and Clairsentience
  • How does opening these psychic senses help you in your everyday life
  • What are the common misconceptions about working with these senses
  • About the downsides of opening these senses (yes, there are some!)

And because Danielle believes the best way to work with, expand, and grow an intuitive sense it work with it, Danielle will teach you simple yet fun (and often surprising) exercises for expanding each sense!

Danielle will help you clear specific Soul Contracts that may be preventing you from experiencing these senses.

Danielle’s soul-level clearing is designed to take advantage of all of the work you’ve done so far on understanding, embracing, and opening your claircognizance.

Involving the soul’s energy in your psychic opening makes expansion easier, more fun, and much more efficient.

A $127 value.

BONUS PART EIGHT | How to Handle Psychic Overload

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A simple tool can make a big difference. Do you find yourself struggling with these challenges as you open your psychic senses?

  • Sometimes if feels like there is JUST TOO MUCH negativity in the world
  • The grocery store seems chaotic and overwhelming
  • People are annoying and irritating
  • It feels like everyone is getting in your space

You are probably experiencing Psychic Overload if you answered yes to any of these questions. Danielle has run into this problem with many of her clients as they open their intuitive senses to the world.

Danielle loves a solution that is fun. Danielle will teach you how to work with your energy so that you can manage different energetic situations. She will.

  • Teach you how your energetic needs change based on your location
  • Show you how to assess just what your own energetic needs are
  • Teach and do a run-through of her own personal technique for working with your energetic needs

In Part Eight of Intuition Through the Soul , Danielle spends quite a bit of time walking you through her technique working with your energetic needs. She’ll even show you how assess and re-program your energetic set point to the level that works better for you as the sensitive person you are!

A $127 value.

Get Danielle MacKinnon – Intuition Through The Soul Package right now!

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[Download Now] Danielle MacKinnon – Intuition Through The Soul Package


Danielle MacKinnon - Intuition Through The Soul Package

Price: $147
Sale Page: https://www.daniellemackinnon.com/store/intuition-through-the-soul/
Archive: http://archive.is/1Pq9o

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