Marlon Sanders – The Writers Secret

Marlon Sanders – The Writers Secret

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On December 3, 1998, I Discovered A “Money Getting” Secret That I’ve Repeated 122 Times — And You Can Use This Same Secret Starting 2 Hours and 58 Minutes From Right Now!


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The Writers Secret

I discovered A on December 3, 1998. I have a secret about money. You can do it again and again. Start using this same secret. There are two hours and 58 minutes left.

There are 6 types of money you make. In the writer’s secret.

What is cool about that? The writer has a secret. Is it possible to make 6 different kinds of money?

1. Money on the Gravy Train.

This is both writing and selling things.

It is simple and fun for me. You can choose an alternative if it isn’t for you. I like to find new ideas that solve problems and write about them.

I like researching.

2. Debt liquidation money.

When you sell a bundle of your prior products at a discount, you get this money. This money is used to pay off debt.

3. You have to cover your bills each month.

You can do this with a membership site.

You do not have to have a membership site. It is useful because you get recurring billing money. It is comforting to know that you have income coming in that will match the bills you have.

4. Money is fun.

During the month, fun money is anything you do that makes money. Fun money can be used for things like vacations or fancy cars. Your imagination is the only limit. You can promote other recurring billing membership sites or create and sell more in-depth training programs.

I like two of them. :

4a. There are 3-6 week webinars on my new books.

You are still excited about the topic and the people buying from you are also excited about it.

I charge between $297 and $697 for these. $199 is not bad. It is easy to make money. A person is talking for an hour with a few power point slides. Then ask some questions. It is a no-brainer. You can sell the recordings later.

4b. There are 90 minutes and 2 hours of one-time webinars.

If you have a really hot topic, you can sell these for $50 to $100.

5. Future savings money.

You can use a promotion for your webinars to increase yourTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkiaTrademarkia, you can get a nice boost inTrademarkiaTrademarkia, you can use a promotion for your webinars to increaseTrademarkiaTrademarkia, you can get a nice boost inTrademarkia, you can use a promotion forTrademarkia, you can You put this money into your savings account.

6. Money can be used to buy cars or toys.

I will explain in a minute how lucky you can be. Money is over and above all other money if you do. You can’t rely on hitting a gusher. It is a hit and miss thing. You will miss most of the time. It is a great thing if it happens to me more than once.

I used a windfall of $25,000 to pay off some IRS debt, credit card debt and other stuff.

The writer’s secret is different. Most others do internet marketing.

The way I do this business is different from what other people do.

There are many ways to make money in this business. Let me look at some of them in a different way.

1. There is a tycoon way. You can become a professional business manager when you get an office, employees and empire runner. I had 8 employees and lost a lot of hair. I don’t have a lot of hair to spare.

2. The way the product is launched.

You assemble a huge, massive product, work all year to get people to owe you, manage complex social relationships, and pray to anyone who will listen that your letter converts during the massive launch.

If it doesn’t, you’ll be calling Ray Edwards or another writer in the middle of your launch begging for a quick fix.

For up to 6 months, your merchant company will hold back 10% to 30% of funds. Your refunds can be as high as 30%. You have to pay upfront for the fulfillment of your product in addition to paying commission out of pocket.

Six months later, after paying out 50% or more in commission, getting your merchant account holds released, issuing all your refunds, and paying for all your product fulfillment, you might end up with a really hefty net figure in your bank account.

The guys and ladies have enough social savvy, networking expertise, pure moxie and entrepreneurial instincts to pull it off.

It is not my cup of tea. I enjoy steady, predictable, and low stress. That is my style. That is my method.

3. There is a CPA network thing. You have no product of your own if you promote pure cost per action offers. The offer is dicey to say the least. There are some guys who are persistent enough to pull this off.

I give them props for figuring it all out and adapting to the constant changes.

4. Affiliate models are pure. You don’t promote other programs. This is how most beginners start. The best way to build your list is to create your own products.

You still need traffic on the affiliate model. Which leads you back to ppc or buying ads. All of those methods work. I find it easier to do what I do.

My way of doing business is different. :

1. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it You go to Starbucks, your back porch, the bookstore, a bed-and-breakfast, a cafe, a beach or any other place you want to write.

2. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it You bring your laptop with you.

3. You talk or write.

You can research and create outlines for screen capture video products if you can’t write. I like to write. That is what I do.

What to write, how often to write it, how to make money from it are all part of my model.

There are benefits to my model over what others are doing.

1. Large, complex product launches are not required.

Most of the time, I do small launches to my in-house list.

2. Instead of betting the farm on a big launch, create smaller predictable income streams.

After the initial blast to the list is over, each stream brings in up to $2,500 per month.

It is nice to make a lot of money in a short period of time. I care a lot more about how much comes month after month.

I have a large list and an affiliate network. They are not what you should expect as a beginner.

The model says that you do the work once and get money month after month.

3. Low stress.

This is a low stress model compared to seminars or product launches. I am not saying it is a bed of roses. It isn’t. There are less-than- perfect moments for any business. In comparison to complex models, the simplicity is refreshing.

It is a very simple model. My game plan is the same every month. It’s a cookie cutter.

4. No rocket science was required.

A lot of models require you to think outside the box. More power to anyone who wants to fight. I like shooting fish in a barrel.

5. It’s better to trade for dollars instead of time.

This is a big part of what I do. A lot of models make a lot of money. They trade dollars for time. This isn’t freedom to me if you have a high-end coaching program and spend all day on the phone.

It is an extremely high paying job. There is nothing wrong with it. I like my reading time, my chill time, my coffee shop time, my bookstore time, and so on.

I do occasionally trade a small part of my time for dollars. It is not the bulk of my income or the way I spend most of my time.

Some guys do Internet marketing and have their eyes fixated on their computer for 10 or 12 hours a day. It would be fine if they could do the work themselves.

The work in a lot of models is complex and fluid, making it difficult to outsourcing. I don’t know about you, but I don’t want to spend 8 hours a day on a computer.

3 hours a day is spent poking around a writing, defending on how fast a writer you are. You can record screen capture videos if you don’t like writing.

You don’t have to have an Internet connection to do it.

I just finished my espresso at Starbucks and am sitting outside. There is a song playing in the background. I am looking at palm trees, a blue sky and soft white clouds.

6. It was evergreen.

This one is large.

I have been doing this model since 1998. Some things have changed but most of them are the same.

There are changes here and there.

Certain parts of the business are easier to do with new technology. Increased competition offset some of the gains. The competition is likely to be minimal.


Everyone has become enamored with the other bright and shiny objects. Which is fine with me.

I have limits to the way I do my business. It is not perfect. Adding in a heavy duty coaching program, big product launches or a phone room is hard to do over a million a year on my model.

I don’t like the legal risk of a phone, the complexity and social reliances required for a massive product launch or the rigors of a high-end coaching program which probably would take more of my energy and time than I care to spend.

If you want to sell a big ticket coaching program, you have to do a seminar with a dog and pony show. It’s going to take at least 3 months of your life to do a big seminar like that.

It is not enjoyable. It is not easy. It is a big commitment. I am not saying I will never do one. I don’t like the idea of having to do 2 years to fill seats in a high-end coaching program.

My friends have the energy, drive, and work ethic to pull that kind of thing off. They have props to them.

I like simple, legal, clean and low risk.

I don’t pay much attention to the other fads of the day. If that sounds good to you, then maybe you and I are on the same page.

Here is how the writer’s secret is. Works on a month-to-month basis.

I have sold millions of dollars online.

You don’t have to make a lot of money to be a good business. If you like the writer’s lifestyle, you should not try to do that. $100,00 to $200,000 a year is enough to be comfortable for me. I would raise that figure if I lived in New York or California.

Things are cheap in Texas.

I don’t want a million dollars a year. I like this: I wake up. I go to Starbucks. There is an info product, a little salesletter for it, and ideas for an affiliate promotion. On weekend trips, I can do that at a leisurely pace. Wherever there is an inspiring environment, I can just write.

This is what I like to do and I enjoy it. It is a lifestyle. .

That is how the business works, and I like it. I have the ability to take vacations. I can hang out at campsites and write if I want to have an RV vehicle. I have done some cool things.

There is a German city close to San Antonio. I made some coin by pecking at my keyboard.

There is a small river and a giant canyon wall in another area. It’s really beautiful. On a warm, relaxing afternoon, I tickled my keyboard there. You can go anywhere. You can record and write anywhere. That is the best thing about this business.

The only thing you need to make money in the business is your laptop. I like to keep it simple. I have run my business with virtual assistants and with an office and employees. I like the simple approach.

Simple is good. To pay for an office and employees, you have to work hard. A lot of guys in this business have phone rooms, sales people, complex coaching programs, seminars and all sorts of jazz to feed the monthly overhead beast.

It isn’t what you gross. It is what you net. It doesn’t count if you can’t keep it.

I realized that there were other writers out there that didn’t want to trade time for dollars. Others wanted to sell their work over and over again.

The secrets of what to do and how to do it have been discovered over the years.

If you want people to buy what you write, you need to write a letter. There is a formula for that. You have to know the formula. You need to know how to put the letter together, how to get it on the web, and how to have automated product delivery.

I do things called upsells. You have to know how to ask for more money when someone buys a product with a credit card.

You have to get traffic to your website. I use affiliates to do that. There is more to know about how to set that up. You have to know how to do it.

You need to know how to get more people to buy your products. You might want to do a membership site, but not know what software to use or what kind of content to put in it.

I ran one of the first membership sites and printed newsletters about internet marketing and found a lot of common mistakes to avoid.

I have decided to put in a product to assist others who are in the same position that I used to be. I didn’t have anyone to show me the way when I was a struggling writer. I had a car that was smoking. I liked the minute and thirty second microwave corn dogs.

I didn’t know how to do it because I traded my time for dollars. I wish I had a product I wrote when I was in this business. It shows you the way and puts a light to your path.

It is simply called: It is possible to make money by writing on your laptop and selling your words over and over again. .

The ebook has 155 pages. I wrote them all myself. You are not getting a crappy ebook written by a $1 an hour writer. I wrote the words you are reading. I don’t like it when you think the person who wrote the letter wrote the product.

I am one of only a few people in Internet marketing who are willing to write high quality content and sell it for under $100. How many other name brand marketers will give you high quality content without huge gaping holes left out to force you to buy their upsells and sell it to you for $55?

You can read 155 pages in 2 hours and 58 minutes. You are only a short distance away from taking your first exciting step.

I know the things I teach you in this product work. They still work. The detractors would have you believe that this is an outdated strategy.

I give you the details of the software implementation. The sexy stuff is kept exciting by people who glaze over the implementation details.

I am practical and grassroots.

Here are a few. You will learn other little things.

  • The brand new plugin (dirt cheap compared to other options) that makes OTO’s and upsells a piece of cake . This saves a MINIMUM of 45 minutes every time you use it .
  • The nitty gritty implementation details almost NO one gives you. Without these details, you’re building castles in the sky, chasing rainbows and are sure to be dissapointed. With the right details, you’re empowered and ready to go.
  • How to spend time hanging around at Starbucks, bed and breakfasts, vacation spots, relaxing environments – and making money .
  • Super useful links to real world examples of what I’m talking about so you’re not left scratching your head.
  • How the “rental” strategy works for an info product business.
  • Instead of writing words once and selling them once, write them once and get paid over and over and over again for them? Doesn’t that sound like a 100X better way to make a living.
  • How to write words anywhere and get paid for them : I’ve written words in Hawaii and sold them. Written them at bed and breakfasts. Written them about anyplace you CAN write them. The only real tool I need is a laptop and an Internet connection.
  • Where to get new product ideas.
  • How to have a pretty good idea that your product will sell before you write it.
  • How to create letters using a specific formula proven to get people to buy your products .
  • How to assemble your web pages with the least effort for maximum sales.
  • How I get thousands of visitors to my web pages.
  • How to set up your ordering system , so people can pay you with credit cards, without paying exorbitant fees that aren’t necessary.
  • How to automatically deliver ebooks without lifting a finger.
  • How to protect your intellectual property so it doesn’t get stolen.
  • How to automatically get your buyers on an email list so you can give them the opportunity to buy all your new products.
  • How to create upsells so people who buy have an opportunity to spend more money on the spot, thus boosting your average order size and putting more money in your bank account.
  • The one software program you must have to automate your system that will save you hundreds of dollars and keep you from hemorraging money every month you do NOT need to spend .
  • The brand new plugin (dirt cheap compared to other options) that makes OTO’s and upsells a piece of cake . This saves a MINIMUM of 45 minutes every time you use it .
  • The Torrent Buster: Where to get “secret codes” that put your products on hard core “lock down” and keep them off the torrents.
  • The best day of the week to send your emails.
  • The secret of keeping dollars flowing in monthly in abundance — without stress, hype, or whoring out your list).
  • The 11-minute method to find smoking hot topics to write about.
  • Hands down the #1 best source of visitors and traffic to your web page.
  • The “hush-hush” secret of selling newsletters and continuity a lot of people don’t know about or do.The easiest money you’ll ever make (it’s surprising how few people take advantage of it)
  • The Evergreen System : How to sell your words over and over again for years to come.
  • How to easily add upsells and downsells.

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