Mark Victor Hansen – Mega Marketing Magic

Mark Victor Hansen – Mega Marketing Magic

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My world-class faculty will reveal a truckload of innovative marketing tactics, strategies and systems. Take a look for yourself. And as you read through this partial list of things you’ll learn at MEGA Marketing Magic…


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Mega Marketing Magic

It was recorded in Los Angeles, California, in March of 2006

52 of the Most Critical Marketing
Lessons You’ll Learn

A lot of innovative marketing tactics, strategies and systems will be revealed by my world-class faculty. Take a look at yourself. Think about how your business will grow once you have learned and implemented these powerful tactics, strategies and hard-won marketing lessons.

    1. To create wealth, you have to create clients out of customers.

    2. Customers will automatically refer you if you deploy an active referral system.

    3. How to make your clients purchase from you more often.

    4. There are 5 ways to get clients to buy more of what you sell.

    5. Simple ways to get your prospects to buy from you.

    6. It is the most instantaneous way to create predictable profit streams.

    7. The Power of Incremental can be used to turn $100,000 into $760,000. Improvement. That’s right.

    8. The right way to generate response rates that will turn your competitors green with envy is using ethical bribes.

    9. How to make pre-qualified prospects.

    10. Building brand success that you already have and aren’t using is the number one secret.

    11. The main source of brand fuel.

    12. There are tools you can use to create marketing success.

    13. The easiest way to build a loyal customer base.

    14. Make sure fear doesn’t get in your way with a fail-proof process.

    15. There are facts and fiction about branding.

    16. How to make a big brand communication.

    17. Changing one word can double the response to an offer.

      I am aware that this is a lot. Wait, there is even more.

    18. Positive actions will be spurred by what words.

    19. How to make a prospect feel guilty so they will buy from you.

    20. How to eliminate any sales resistance.

    21. Powerful copy is how to blow out the competition.

    22. How to find a product.

    23. How to protect your copy after you have written it.

    24. Which is more powerful: patent, copyright or trademark?

    25. There are breakthrough ideas for turning prospects into buyers.

    26. There is a new way of thinking about sales and marketing. Never before.

    27. There is a single most profound secret to super-growth.

    28. There are seven most powerful and critical marketing weapons.

    29. Before you can even think about developing a product, you need to know the most important thing.

    30. How to quickly grow your list from 0 names to thousands.

    31. If your prospects aren’t buying, what should you do?

    32. How to get in contact with customers quickly and cheaply.

    33. Take advantage of the free search engine listings.

    34. How to attack multiple phrases at the same time. We need three full days. Your head will be full of ideas. Continue reading to find out what else you will be learning.

    35. You can get better website rankings in as little as 36 hours.

    36. To find out what your prospects want, what they need, and what they’re willing to pay, you need to research your market.

    37. Predicting whether your product will sell before you start product development.

    38. There is a way to double the selling power of an ad.

    39. Just by making a few adjustments to your website, you can attract a lot of free traffic.

    40. The most profitable way to offer teleseminars.

    41. What do they want to buy from you?

    42. Audio Postcards can be used to capture hot leads from the internet.

    43. Adding audio to your website can help you capture more sales and cash profits.

    44. The easiest and cheapest way to drive visitors to your website.

    45. The right way to use pay-per-click search engines is to blow your budget before you win any sales.

    46. Most site owners make the most costly mistake with their websites, and how to avoid it.

    47. Look at the critical elements of your business to determine your decision criteria.

    48. Everything you do should support your strategic business plan.

    49. Determine any hidden risks that can ruin your plans.

    50. Measure your internal resources to make sure you can execute your plan.

    51. To make sure it’s worth it, calculate the Return of Time Invested.

    52. Your best ideas get implemented if you develop a profit map.

If you only implemented half of the lessons, your business will be years ahead of where it is today. It makes sense to enroll now.

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