Elaine Starling – The Revenue Formula

Elaine Starling – The Revenue Formula

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Award-winning marketing consultant, Elaine Starling, takes you on a fun adventure inside the secret to creating a successful business and life.


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The Revenue Formula

Elaine Starling is a faculty member.

Award-winning marketing consultant, Elaine Starling, takes you on a fun adventure inside the secret to creating a successful business and life. The video modules reveal important insights that can be used to create a plan for success, happiness and fulfillment.

Become a board certified! The Wholistic Nutrition Master Practitioner NANP Board Certification includes the revenue formula. The complete course outline of this full career program can be found here.

The Revenue Formula Course

Defining success is the first module. The perfect time to realize your dreams is now. You offer a unique advantage. There are opportunities for you.

The 10/80/10 rule is module 2. Why don’t you have all the answers? How to get out of a bind. The majority of people are interested in what you have to offer.

The revenue formula is module 3. Every successful business uses a secret methodology. There are three factors that determine your success. The speed of your success is determined by two behaviors.

The four results are in module 4. They are trying to do business in a different way. The four measurement of success build and amplify each other. The way to measure your progress is effective.

Relevance and your brain are part of module 5. Your prospects and clients are evaluating you. You sometimes blow it with prospects. To create desire, you have to align with prospects.

Module 6 is easy. You are losing new prospects. How to make your experience easy to understand. There is a secret strategy that increases results 40%.

There is a module called Relevance/Engaging. There are seven ways to engage prospects and clients. Men are more comfortable working with women because of a secret strategy. There are special win/win strategies that showcase your business.

Module 8 is about relevance and effectiveness. There is a feature/benefit/advantage analysis. Your clients want the 10 benefits. How to show your product or service value.

There are 9 relationships in module 9. There is a secret purpose to relationships. Set sail to great relationships. People want to work with you.

There are 10 relationships in module 10. When meeting people, how to always be confident. Your advantage is unique. You have a secret ability to influence millions.

Module 11 Relationships/Contribute How to contribute in a way that adds value. Most people miss the most important thing to do first. How to get people to take action.

Module 12 Relationships/Collaborate Some relationships don’t work out. Collaboration requires three components. The tell-tale signs of a good relationship.

The 13th module is Presence and Perspective. What do your relationships want from you? There is a way to create a great relationship. Your clients want more from your perspective.

The rewards experience is part of module 14. There is a way to create a rewarding experience. A powerful connection can be made with a new prospect. Your environment and image are important.

The module is called Receptive. There is a must have skill for success. Being receptive is important to success. How to be more receptive.

Module 16 is a mission. How to differentiate your business. The message is also used by employees, vendors and prospects. How do you define your mission?

Module 17 is a message. They know you need to work with them. There is a secret strategy for identifying your message. What do your clients want to know about you?

The module is called Receptive/Media. There are three ways to connect with prospects. How to keep your exposure under control. There is a place to focus your Media efforts.

The module is called resilience. You matter. The true purpose of your life is why you are here. You can bounce back now.

The module is called resilience/Attention. Your attention impacts your resilience. Your body knows what you don’t. The strategy to convert anxiety into anticipation is very simple.

There is a module called resilience/appreciation. It helps you bounce back quickly. One question shifts you into appreciation. There are three ways to find things to appreciate.

There is a module called resilience/action. It is the fastest way to get in action. There are key actions that boost success. You can identify your progress.

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