[Download Now] Jonathan Royle – Elman’s Biggest Secret Revealed and Other Cool Pseudo Hypnotic Techniq

[Download Now] Jonathan Royle – Elman’s Biggest Secret Revealed and Other Cool Pseudo Hypnotic Techniq

[Download Now] Jonathan Royle – Elman’s Biggest Secret Revealed and Other Cool Pseudo Hypnotic Techniq

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 width= Jonathan Royle – Elman’s Biggest Secret Revealed and Other Cool Pseudo Hypnotic Techniq

Dave Elman is a legend in the world of Hypnotherapy. He was a comedy stage hypnotist for a long time.

He hid the most powerful and useful technique that any hypnotist could ever use within his book.

This secret technique will allow you to make people forget their names and make their foot become welded to the floor, whilst also allowing you to stick people’s hands to walls and make their foot become welded to the floor.

Imagine being able to snap your fingers and then a volunteer is unable to lift a deck of playing cards off the table, or that a coin becomes so hot that they are unable to hold onto it.

When you have studied the contents of the training package, all of these things are very easy.

This technique does not use genuine hypnotism. You will learn how to use the secret in order to get people into genuine hypnotic trance states.

The Premise and Premonition DVD Set contains both Royle’s 2 are Bad Subjects Ploy and Elman’s Biggest Secret. You will learn Royle’s It’s Almost As If and I.I.C Principles, which are similar to Anthony Jacquin’s Automatic Imagination Model.

You will be able to hypnotize anyone, anytime, anywhere, without ever being seen to fail, if you combine these secrets together.

Those taking part will come to believe that they have actually been hypnotized.

Links to over six hours of training videos are included. The Secrets of dual reality hypnotism set, which retails on its own for $47, and the hyptic mind control made easy set, which retails for $30, are included. Other videos would cost you at least $47.

There are a few things you can learn from these bonus videos.

If you glue their hands to a table top, you will be able to lift them up once again.

They put their foot to the floor. They won’t be able to lift their foot or leg off the ground until you take your mind off of them.

Their name will disappear into thin air. They won’t be able to say it or remember it until you snap them out of theirtrance.

They need to stick their eyelids together. They will not be able to open their own eyes until you allow them to do so.

The legendary hot-foil-in-hand trick is demonstrated and explained. It’s not suitable for minor as a hypnotist or as a volunteer.

Discover how to make people’s fingers draw together like magnets, with them unable to resist.

The title suggests that you will learn a way to lock people’s hands together so they can’t separate until you tell them they are able to.

Royle shows how to demonstrate telepathy by showing people with their eyes closed how to move their hand and arm up and down. It looks like telepathy to those who are watching.

Get it immediately. Elman’s biggest secret was revealed by Jonathan Royle.

You can demonstrate that your verbal suggestions can change someone’s view of reality in a few minutes. You demonstrate in a way that nobody can deny that the person’s reality has changed following your suggestions. Each and every time, this works perfectly and there is no dual reality.

You are supplied with an animated spiral disk for use on your phone that will allow you to place people into deep hypnotic trance states within seconds of meeting them. It will allow you to perform a complete act of comedy hypnotism stunts, routines, and demonstrations without fear of failure. This is dual reality at its best, used in a way where the person who is hypnotized can end up believing that they have been hypnotized.

Royle has a device that can make people feel as though they are being hypnotized. They are more likely to be hypnotized. They will still say they felt like they were being hypnotized even if they don’t. You appear to be a genuine hypnotist because of this.

Along the way, you will gain insights into how to use the hypno- tricks and mind control stunts. These can help you become a much more powerful and successful hypnotism instructor as well.

You will learn a lot from the over 6 hours of video training included in this package.

You will learn more than enough routines and techniques to be able to perform a complete hypnotic-style show for close-up, street or even stage, cabaret, and theater performances.

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