[Download Now] John Overdurf – Meta Pattern

[Download Now] John Overdurf – Meta Pattern

[Download Now] John Overdurf – Meta Pattern

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[Download Now] John Overdurf – Meta Pattern



John Overdurf – Meta Pattern

John Overdurf is a person. The pattern is called the meta pattern.

We thought you might like this one. The summary of the meta pattern is capsulized. You can listen to it here.

That is correct. There is a pattern that runs through all of the techniques. This is the structure of effective change, going well beyond the fields of coaching or therapy.

If you want to transform the present state of the listener into something more useful, you can easily apply this model to sales, consulting and training.

I discovered this pattern when I was teaching advanced linguistics in Hawaii in the early 90’s. As far as I could tell, it was the pattern that ran through all the classic change patterns that made it a great roadmap for how to structure linguistic nterventions. Julie and I taught it in the early Beyond Words trainings.

The thread that runs through everything I teach is HNLP.

Why? It is easy to remember because it is just four steps. It is easy to determine which one of the phases was not fulfilled well enough if the coaching or therapy process is not working.

It is easy to create your own change patterns if you know the four phases.

I only taught this in advanced linguistic trainings like Beyond Words, but you will get it in a straightforward, simple way that will be easy to digest and use.

There is a 13 minute excerpt from a recent corporate leadership training. I presented this as a part of three days on the basics of the HNLP Coaching Beyond Goals Model because participants wanted basic coaching skills. I will be teaching it before the first break on the first day.

If you are a trainer, you will see the use of NLP. I warmed up the group and formatted the unconscious minds of the students for an optimal training experience because this was a new group.

Since I know the coaching model I was teaching depends on the ability of the coach to be flexible enough to provoke states in the client, I wanted to do the same for the trainees. Even if you are not sure what I am doing to achieve the result, you will be able to recognize it.

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