[Download Now] Dr. Robert Anthony – Self Confidence Creator

[Download Now] Dr. Robert Anthony – Self Confidence Creator

[Download Now] Dr. Robert Anthony – Self Confidence Creator

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[Download Now] Dr. Robert Anthony – Self Confidence Creator



Dr. Robert Anthony – Self Confidence Creator

What would your life be like? If you had more self-confidence?

The desk of Dr. Robert Anthony.

Did you know that the single most important component is what distinguishes successful people from not successful people? Self-confidence is the answer.

Before I show you how the Self-Confidence Creator® can increase your Self-Confidence to noticeably higher levels in just 7 days, I have a few personal questions I want to ask you.

Do you ever feel like you don’t have self-confidence in certain areas of your life? Are you afraid to start a new business, change jobs or leave your comfort zone? Do you struggle with shyness? Do you Procrastination or are you frequently indecisive? Are you afraid of going on dates or finding love? Do you find it hard to say words when you meet new people? Do you place other people’s opinions above your own? Do you have trouble believing in yourself? Do you fear that you will be rejected if you ask for what you want? Do you have a fear of speaking to a group of people? Have you ever worried that something might be wrong with you because you don’t know how to change it? Do you think that your inability to be Self-Confident will hold you back for the rest of your life?

You are not alone if this hits home.

I have worked with people from all walks of life over the past 25 years. They include the average person walking the malls to CEO’s of large companies, professional golfers, tennis players and Hollywood celebrities.

Regardless of their status, how much money they earned, or how successful they were, over 85% of these people struggled with a lack of Self-Confidence in specific areas of their life.

When I do a session with a client, I always include suggestions for increasing their Self-Confidence because it’s a common problem.

Imagine what it would be like.

In social situations, feel more relaxed and comfortable. Don’t stay in your comfort zone. Make the right decisions in your life. Be persuasive with other people. Don’t let other people’s opinions affect you. You can achieve your goals if you believe in yourself.

What has stopped you?

Think of all the things you have yet to do. Ask yourself, What has been stopping me? The most likely factor is self-confidence.

Successful people with high levels of Self-Confidence seem to be unstoppable at everything they do.

Have you ever watched someone negotiate a successful deal, walk up to a stranger and ask for a date, start their own business, entertain or give a speech in front of a large group of people? Do you remember thinking, I wish I could do that, but I’m not that confident?

Fear, doubt, and lack of self-confidence can hold you back from achieving your goals. If you had unstoppable self-confidence, you would be aware that you can solve any problem and handle any obstacle on your way to making your dreams become a reality.

The Self-Confidence Creator® is a new invention.

The Self-Confidence Creator is within you. I will show you how to use it.

Your whole world will change when you have unstoppable self-confidence. Every situation will be controlled by your internal power.

Nothing will be impossible if you program your Subconscious mind with a belief in yourself. You will never give up until you make your dreams a reality.

I have been working on a new program for a year. I am going to show you how to use the Self-Confidence Creator.

This program is unlike anything you have seen before. You won’t believe the results are so quick. Immediately, you will experience higher levels of self-confidence.

There has been nothing like it before. The Self-Confidence Creator® helps people to increase their self-confidence in 7 days.

Let’s see how it works.

The first module. Updating your information. A model of self-confidence.

Information and installation make up the Self-Confidence Creator®. The information in Module One will teach you how to model the habits, attitudes, skills and strategies of High Self-Confidence people.

You will learn how to model these habits, attitudes, skills and strategies, but you will also have a clear picture of how you have been sabotaging yourself.

You only need to play this once, but you will probably want to play it a few times because you will find it inspiring, informative and motivational.

If you can model these skills and strategies, you will be able to make changes at the Subconscious or emotional level.

The second module is module 2. You are changing your self-confidence. Set point is emotional.

It’s not enough to know about self-confidence. You have to feel confident. Your ability to feel confident is dependent on your beliefs at the emotional level. The change work will be done here.

You can’t change your behavior without changing the emotion behind it. Most self-improvement programs and books are not effective because of this. They don’t reach this emotional level.

Gaining more control over your emotional state is the most important factor in building Self-Confidence. You can feel confident in any situation if you lower your level of anxiety and uncertainty.

We all have a Self-Confidence Emotional Set-Point that keeps us stuck where we are. We need to go to the emotional or energetic level if we want to change our self-confidence emotional set point.

In my practice, I use a hypnoenergetic process that will allow you to feel more energetic, more determined, and more self-assured. I have used this process for several years and it has always produced positive results for my clients.

We will reset your Self-Confidence Emotional Set Point so that you can feel confident again. You will have this audio for life if you listen to it for 10 minutes per day for 5 days. You don’t have to do it again.

It is very powerful.

The Self Confidence Booster auto programming system will be used to reinforce the Set-Point after we reset it.

The third module is Module 3. There is a self-confidence booster. A programming system.

The Self-Confidence Booster is an auto programming system that will boost your self-confidence.

You can use the 5 minute Self-Confidence Booster audio program as often as you please after we install your personalized Self-Confidence anchor. You will feel a boost in your self-confidence when you play it.

The programming system I created allows your brain and mind to retain what you are listening to. The strongest emotional state for your mind to accept the programming is the most powerful feature of the Self-Confidence Booster.

It is not only the words you are listening to, but the programming is installed in your subconscious by high energy music that is designed to create the best and most harmonious mood or state of Self-Confidence. The perfect match for the feeling of Self-Confidence was created by my friend, Julian Wass.

I don’t know if the self-confidence booster will work for you. If you don’t have self-confidence, that’s because you have been telling yourself who you are. You are very good at talking to yourself. We can use what you are already doing to turn things around. It is great!

The Self-Confidence Booster will work for you because it is the same repetition you have unconsciously used to create your current level of Self-Confidence. You already use a similar emotional state when you talk to yourself. You have proven that it works. You will get the results you want only the way I do it.

This unique learning and programming concept is completely passive. Why is it not active? It works best if you don’t think about it. We can work directly with the Subconscious if we get your Conscious mind out of the way.

All you have to do is put the self-confidence booster in your mp3 player. It will do all the work on a Conscious and Subconscious level if you play it for 5 minutes.

It’s based on the principle. If you think a lot, it becomes a habit. It becomes the way you live if you think of something habitually.

Your best friend will be the self-confidence booster. You can use it whenever you need it. You will feel unstoppable every time you play it.

How easy is that?

The key is unstoppable self-confidence. To a happy future.

Being in a state of mind and being powerful is what Unstoppable Self-Confidence is all about.

If you could be self-assured, what would it mean to you? If you could learn how to rid yourself of self-doubt, uncertainty and indecisiveness, what kind of person would you be? If you could persuade others to follow you, join you or work with you, what would your life be like? I am who I am, and I don’t need anyone’s approval. If you could step out of your comfort zone, what would it be like? If you could go into any situation with a sense of curiosity and a sense of fun, what would it be like? When was the last time you were so confident that you were able to relax when meeting new people, ask for a date, or ask for what you want? If you took control, not in an arrogant, loud, or overpowering way, but with a calm and confident feeling about who you are and what you can do. Ask your Subconscious mind to boost you until you are vibrating with a charismatic energy. If others were attracted to you because you were so comfortable with yourself, what then? So that you don’t have to think about it, if you can create this Self-Confidence at the energetic level. You do it because you are who you are.

You can do more. You will see a measurable increase in your self-confidence within 7 days. If you keep using the Self-Confidence Creator®, your Self-Confidence level will continue to increase.

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