Markets Mastered – How to Spot a Trade Before it Happens (

Markets Mastered – How to Spot a Trade Before it Happens (

Markets Mastered – How to Spot a Trade Before it Happens (

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Markets Mastered – How to Spot a Trade Before it Happens (

Markets Mastered – How to Spot a Trade Before it Happens (


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Mastered trading education is related to markets.

My name is Nick Kruger and since learning to trade profitably in the 1990’s, my main aim in life and daily focus now is to teach as many people as possible to replicate my success and learn to trade the markets profitably. By using my easy-to-copy trading strategy, I can teach beginners how to profit from price movement in a few short months. I also offer personal assistance if it is needed, but most new students never contact me with a question, they just work through the strategy manual and begin trading on their own.

My interest in the stock market began in 1986 when I was introduced to a trader from Shearson Lehman in the City of London. I was 26 years old and visiting their offices due to my previous business as a wholesale prestige car buyer, but was fascinated by the work she was doing, watching multiple charts and diving in and out of positions every few minutes. It was obvious that she wasn’t going to be my teacher when I said I wanted to learn to trade with the same skill she had. I was too old to be taken on as a trainee and had no banking or investment experience. When I visited their offices in the Broadgate Tower, I would sit with her and watch the screens, knowing that one day I would do this as my full-time job. This was going to be my goal and I remember thinking at the time.

Due to my personality, I was determined to teach myself how to trade, so I started buying books on the subject, and reading all I could on the subject. In 1988 I saw an advert for a course on trading by a guy called Peter Hall. I was among the first of his students and he ran seminars from his cottage. He gave me a lot of knowledge that helped me towards my ultimate goal. I used to trade options through a stock broker on the phone in the pre- internet days.

I came out even for a few years after having losing months and winning ones. When Stuart Wheeler was still in charge, I came away from purely price-action trading and started to develop my own trading system. I tried a few proprietary systems that were being sold at the time, and my results were hit and miss. I had to rely on my own skills to become a professional trader because they were worse than useless.

I remember this time as being a period of large highs and equally large lows, unable to get onto an even keel and just have profitable months of trading. I had issues with my trading psychology, as nearly all traders do, and after a while I realized this was part of the larger problem.

I was lucky that I wasn’t relying on trading as my sole income, but I had to improve if I was going to turn this hobby into a profitable business. I re-read all the well-known trading books, spoke to professional traders, and went back to basics. I put my mind to developing a simple, basic trading system after stopping trading completely.

I started to trade the strategy during the day while still running my previous business because in 1993 I had mastered a trading system to day-trade. I could jump in and out of the market while doing other things if the system kicked up two or three trades per day. After two years of part-time trading, my trading was earning more than my salary, so it was time to go full-time trading.

Graham Aldous asked me to teach him to trade so he could make more money after he returned from work. My existing day-trading system for the UK Stock Market would not fit the bill as the market had already closed by the time he got home from work, so I set about designing a system for the U.S. market. He had never traded before, and he did not own a computer at the time.

I used insights from a friend who was a floor trader on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange and some basic designs from my other designs in designing the new evening system. Graham got started with his new hobby after I gave him a simple 34 page manual.

A few years ago, he sent me a brief document detailing his experience as a new trader, which you can download at the bottom of the page. He still trades the system today.

I continued to trade full-time using my FTSE day-trading strategy and occasionally watching the charts in the evening and trading the system I taught Graham. When I was asked to teach a friend or acquaintance to trade, I would simply give them the same 34 page book that I had written up explaining the workings of my evening system. I got quite a buzz when I heard that someone else had learned to trade using my system.

In 2008, my oldest son Max suggested that he make this system more widely available and charge a small amount of money for the manual as he was going to study software/computer engineering at university and needed to earn some money to support himself while away for the next 3 years. I thought it was a good idea of his, as all of the people I had previously given the manual to had successfully begun trading profitably, so Max designed the website and all the software that would be needed, and I re-wrote the system manual for him. Markets Mastered was born and I agreed to act as a consultant to help any new customers with questions they may have while learning to trade using my evening system and also my original FTSE Day-Trading Strategy.

At the age of 21, Max graduated from Reading University with a Bachelor of Science. University Max has set up many successful websites in the legal, property and automotive sectors.

I am proud to say that many of the people who have learned to trade with Markets Mastered have gone onto trading full-time.

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