Jim Gibbons – The Golden Rule

Jim Gibbons – The Golden Rule

Jim Gibbons – The Golden Rule

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Jim Gibbons – The Golden Rule

Jim Gibbons – The Golden Rule


Independent investors need to know everything they need to invest in gold.

A strong investment strategy is to put a portion of your net worth in gold. Many investors are hesitant to enter this arena because of their lack of knowledge about gold as an investment, wealth insurance, or a store of value.

Jim Gibbons created that. There is a rule called the Golden Rule. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it The book answers a lot of questions, including how to purchase gold. Why gold now? Should you buy now or later? And, most importantly, from whom? Gibbons shows you why gold is a good investment in the book.

  • Provides practical gold investment insights from New York Times bestsellers Peter Schiff, William Bonner, Doug Casey, Addison Wiggin, and James Turk as well as from leading experts in this field including: Congressman Ron Paul, Rick Rule, Adrian Day, and many others
  • Demystifies gold by putting it in the context of twenty-first century economic realities
  • Highlights a variety of ways to invest in gold-from mining stocks to buying gold coins and bullion

Gold is appealing to investors because of the unpredictable financial markets. With. The Golden Rule. You will quickly learn how to make the best decisions with regards to this precious commodity.


It is time to own gold.

It’s called kahnoweldgements.

Jon Nadler introduced The Tie that Binds Us.

Money managers and brokers are part of the first part.

Chapter 1 is about gold.

Chapter 2 is good for gold.

An interview with Adrian Day.

A good investment strategy is to buy gold.

There are four ways to win in the bear market.

Chapter 5: The Tale of Taels is a lesson in hard money.

Investment Newsletter Writers.

Chapter 6 is called The Greater Depression.

Bet against a false premise in chapter 7.

Chapter 8 is about companies and gold.

Chapter 9: Gold de ja vu by Richard Maybury.

Chapter 10 is The Trial of Gold.

Chapter 11 is called Bullion and Beyond.

Chapter 12 is titled Gold is Truly Precious.

There are coin and bullion dealers.

Chapter 13 deals with rare coins and gold bullion.

Chapter 14 is about rare coin canards.

Chapter 15 is about the internet gold and currency provider.

Chapter 16 deals with gold, currency, and integrity.

The Miners is the fourth part.

Chapter 17 deals with silver and poor man’s gold.

Chapter 18 is about analyzing a gold mining stock.

Chapter 19 is about gold and gold exploration.

Money is Gold and Gold is a Noble Metal.

Part V is about changing teachers.

Chapter 21: What the Price of Gold is telling us.

Chapter 22: The Gold Price is written by Paul Van Eeden.

Chapter 23 is called Becoming a 21st Century Gold Guerrilla.

The conclusion was about Indian Peasants.

About the author.

There is a list of contributors.



Over the course of thirty years, Jim Gibbons has been studying the role of gold in the world economy. He has been raising clams for export to China for the last twelve years. He worked for the National Bank of Alaska, IBM, Merrill Lynch, and Control Data before he became a shellfish farmer.

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