[Download Now] Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2

[Download Now] Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2

[Download Now] Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2

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[Download Now] Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2


Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2

Quantum Leap Video Course Volume 2

Dear friend.

If you’re like me, you LOVE real estate because with real estate you can…

  • Travel the world; and still make a steady stream of passive income…
  • Make big 5-to-7 figure lump sums of cash and take the rest of the year off…
  • Build up a lot of wealth and retire comfortably…

The challenge is this.

It’s not always easy for you to break into the real estate industry.

To help you reach your goals faster, below you will get everything you need to know to make money in real estate.

… Even if you’re just starting out.
In fact, by the end of this page, you’ll know EXACTLY what to do to make $12,000-$28,000 a month – even if you started part-time.

So first, let’s look at your BEST opportunities to make money in real estate…

If you want to keep going.

Full-Time income in real estate.

You Have These 5 Options
(Or So Most People Think)…


1) You Can Flip Houses…

But by reading the rest of this page, you will know all your options… And once you know your options, you may never want to flip a house again!

Here’s why.

When you’re flipping houses…

  • You need to spend a lot of time finding homes, fixing them up and flipping them. It takes months. And if you’re calculations are wrong, you lose money…
  • You can only flip a small handful of houses at a time before you run out of money… or you can always go beg friends and family or other investors and sign personally for loans…
  • You’re competing with all the moms and pops who watched a few house-flipping shows who aresaturating most markets…
And when your flipping houses, you’re pretty much putting yourself in a job.

You only get one check at the end of the day. You don’t get monthly passive income.

So after each home you flip, you’re back on that proverbial treadmill having to do another deal… and another deal… and another deal…
I don’t know about you, but that’s not fun.
So if you want a full-time passive income, then you’ll typically need several properties…
That’s when…


2) You Can Get A Loan & Buy More Properties

You need one or more of the following to get a loan.

You either need:

  • A good credit history
  • A stable and high enough income…
  • A low debt to income ratio…
  • A big down payment…
  • Or assets under your name which you use as collateral…

It is very risky to sign personally.

So if you were like me in 2008 and you don’t have any cash or credit so this isn’t an option.
If you do have credit… chances are, you can only get a small loan. With your small loan, you can do what? Buy maybe one or two properties before your credit is tapped out?…
One or two extra properties is nice!…
But typically, you won’t make a full-time passive income from just one or two properties.
Plus, the stats don’t lie…

In North America, approximately 82% of men and women cannot utilize conventional financing because they do not qualify.

This number is very important to you. We will get back to it in a second.

If you’re one of the people who don’t qualify for a loan, it’s ok. Down below, you’ll see the better ways you can make money in real estate – without conventional loans or begging for private money.
Plus, even if you did have the credit, you may not want to use it…
Trust me I watched my credit go from high 700’s to mid 500’s within six months back in 2008 – not going there again.
Anyways, if you can’t get a loan or just don’t want one…


3) You Can Save Up Your Money To Buy More Properties

If you are making a lot of money right now, this is a good option.

If you’re not, then this strategy will take you too long.
I mean – with how much you’re saving right now, how long would it take you to have a down-payment? A year? 5 years? Maybe 10 or more years?
That’s not good. Because in this time you were saving up, you could have replaced your income with passive income in real estate already.
That’s why for most people, saving up your own money is NOT a good option either…
But don’t worry…
Here’s one of the better ways you can make money in real estate…


4) You Can Use Other People’s Money To Buy Properties

This isn’t bad.

In fact, you can do very well with this strategy if you have the following skillsets:

  • You need to be real good at schmoozing with rich folks and kissing butt…
  • You need to get used asking friends and friends-of-friends for money. Just keep in mind, people do tend to get annoyed and you may lose a few friends in the process…
  • You’ve got to have some REALLY thick skin because you do this for the long-term… sooner or later, you’re going to lose someone’s money (and we’re usually talking BIG numbers here). You’ll need to be ok with facing the consequences of that.

If you can do this, that’s great. You will do well at raising money and buying properties.

You can stop reading if you want to do that. It is not what I do.

I just don’t like how risky it is…
And frankly, I don’t just want to go beg anyone for anything…
So if you’re like me and you want to make more money with less risk, you can do the following…


5) You Can Wholesale Real Estate Deals…

It’s a great way to make money in real estate.

And if you’re not sure what wholesaling means, it’s simple.
Wholesaling is when you get a homeowner who is in a hurry to sell – maybe they got divorced or they’re moving to another state for work – and you lock it a good price in a contract. Then, you flip the contract to a buyer – typically, a cash buyer.
With wholesaling, you have little to no risk… You can make good money… You didn’t need to fix any homes… And life is good!
But the challenge is if you’re ONLY doing wholesale deals, you’re living from deal to deal; paycheque to paycheque.
And quite frankly, these cheques are way too small to get me excited….you need to know all these avenues in case something fits into one of these strategies and so you’re truly a transaction engineer but focus here ….
It’s because when you’re wholesaling, it’s like if you’re flipping homes. You have ZERO residual passive income.
So to make good residual income AND big paydays, this is what I do instead.

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