[Download Now] Most Intersting Guy in the Room

[Download Now] Most Intersting Guy in the Room

[Download Now] Most Intersting Guy in the Room

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[Download Now] Most Intersting Guy in the Room


Most Intersting Guy in the Room

Most Intersting Guy in the Room

NEVER Get Stuck In The “No Attraction” Zone Again
Upgrade Your Interactions With Women
From Boring to Intriguing

From: Evolve (a.k.a Byron Seingalt)
Los Angeles, CA
Date: Thursday, March 14, 2019


You just met a woman and are stuck. You want her to find you attractive, but you don’t know what to say to make her feel like you are more than friends. You only have a few minutes to make a woman think. This guy is interesting. I want to know more about him.

The female mind works in a different way than the male mind. Your social value is what matters. A woman subconsciously keeps track of how many social value points she has based on everything she says and does. She will know she is attracted to you when your social value reaches a certain level.

To convey value, you need everything you say to her. The female brain has thousands of years of evolution. Her desire to find a man who is worthy of her level of beauty is pushing her. She doesn’t know it, but her mind needs to ask a few questions to find you attractive.

Is he interesting? Is he friendly? Is he strong enough to protect me? Will other people listen to him? Do other women find him attractive?

Answering these questions is your job as a master of attract and seduction. If you make a low value mistake, she will lose her attraction. If you ever saw a woman stop talking, it meant you were showing low social value.

The easiest way to show her you are a man of high value is to use knowledge based value generators. The pieces are designed to answer all of the woman’s value questions. Show her your value, because you are what you say you are to her. She will stop treating you like a friend and start flirting with you after you demonstrate high social value. In my package, you will find everything you need to answer all of the woman’s social value questions.

There wasn’t much help when I first started to learn attraction and seduction. Neil was my mentor. We have created the ultimate solution for you.

  • Join a program customized to your needs
  • Learn from an online community of experts
  • Explore hundreds of missions to learn attraction and seduction
  • Become the Most Interesting Guy in the Room
  • Elevate your skills to master level

What will it do for you?

  • You’ll get personalized assignments each day, designed for your sticking points
  • You’ll get demonstrations and expert support
  • Online tools and technology to monitor your progress
  • You’ll get to talk to me and other coaches directly

That is the reason I am calling it.

The”Most Interesting Guy in the Room
Super Program Pack”

A Program Pack! What is it?

  • TRAINING PROGRAM: at your own pace training
  • DISK PACK: the most effective and complete Seduction Material collections

5 DVDs to Become
The Most Interesting Guy in the Room

Everything You Need to Demonstrate to A Woman You’re a High Value Man


“Evolve: Esoterica: A Mysterious and Powerful DHV”: Astrology and cold reading are two of the most powerful DHVs you can use on a woman to pump up her attraction levels. In this DVD Stylelife coach Evolve will teach you how to use them all the way to the bedroom. These jaw dropping routines will have her asking herself “Who is this guy?” -$47 value, 39min. run time

“Neil Strauss on Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts”: Neil Strauss’s rules and routines that make a woman chase you. In this video tutorial he will teach you his phases of demonstrating high value. Using his eternal attraction principles you’ll never end up in the friend zone again. And he reveals some new never before released attraction routines. -$47 value, 30min. run time

“Neil Strauss Takes Your Game to The Next Level”: The author of the book on game gives you his method for building your inner game up so that your own personality ultimately becomes a DHV. Plus he shows you how to avoid low value mistakes and gives you even more PUA routines he personally created, tested, and perfected. As an added BONUS this DVD contains hidden camera footage, it’s a MUST SEE. -$47 value, 45min. 4. “Generate Your Own Effective DHV Routines”: After the opener runs its course what do you say next? What are the smooth lines, routines, and attraction games you need to pump up a woman’s attraction levels? In this video tutorial Stylelife coach The Sneak gives you the tools to constantly create new DHVs so you never run out of material for generating female attraction. -$47 value, 44min. 5. “Be the Alpha Male”: Remember the ultimate goal is to turn yourself into a walking, talking, breathing DHV. For ultimate attraction success you need to become “The Man.” In this DVD, master coaches show you exactly how to “be the alpha male” so you can always push any woman’s evolutionary female hot-buttons. -$47 value, 36min. 6. Stylelife’s Personal Training Program: Thirty (30) days of Stylelife Academy interactive online training with direct access to the Elite Forum and thousands of missions. You’ll get to talk on the phone with myself, Neil Strauss and The Sneak in his monthly teleseminars. He’ll take your questions and personally help you to develop your DHV routines so that they fit you! And if you choose you can continue your training on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitment) -$135 value

 /></p><p>The DVD feature me and our Stylelife Academy’s headmaster Neil Strauss!<br />If you’ve heard of him before, you already know, and if you haven’t you’re about to find out: This man is going to change your life.</p><p>Neil Strauss a.k.a. Style has been my mentor and is well known for his best-selling book <em>“The Game: Penetrating the Secret Society of Pickup Artists”</em> In it, he describes his experiences in the seduction community as he transforms from a short, balding nerd into one of the worlds most charming and seductive men. Today he is a happily married man and father.</p><p>His story has inspired countless men to transform their own lives, but few have had the privilege to work with Neil directly. Live phone conversations with Neil is like being armed with a machete to cut through your sticking points and unleash the seductive force that lives within you.</p><p><strong>The Most Interesting Guy in the Room Super Program pack</strong> includes 30 full days of training: directly from me and all of my coaches through my Stylelife Academy. As you know, with Stylelife Academy you get direct access to me outside of conferences, including direct live telephone training where you can ask me any seduction and attraction question that you like. And if you choose, you can continue your training on a month-to-month basis (no long-term commitment.)</p><p> </p><h2>So, here it is for you to grab…<br />Personalized Training at the Stylelife Academy,<br />The Most Interesting Guy in the Room DVD set/</h2><p><img loading=

  • Thirty (30) days of training at The Stylelife Academy with direct access to me, Neil and The Sneak, plus 24/7 online training with hundreds of missions that teach you the game of attraction – retail value $135
  • Stylelife’s Most Interesting Guy in the Room Collection featuring five DVDs of conference-caliber training from me and fifteen other pick-up gurus – retail value $235.

It was our goal to make this package affordable for as many people as possible. The package is worth more than $300.

Claim Your
“Most Interesting Guy in the Room Program Pack”
for just $127!

This is one of the best packages we have ever put together, and we are committed to making sure none of you who want to learn The Game get left behind, and we have a team of people committed to making sure you improve as quickly as possible. The offer is limited to a maximum of 100 people.

Evolve and Neil Personal Guarantee

We believe that the Stylelife Academy and the Most Interesting Guy in the Room Pack can help you improve your success with women.

Our promise. If you are not completely satisfied with Stylelife Academy, you can return your products or cancel at any time. I urge you to take advantage of the many resources that Stylelife has to offer. We can help you reach your goals as well.

I wish you the best of luck.

See you on the other side.

P.S. While supplies last this page gives you access to a very special limited time price, we don’t intend on printing this package again in the near future. It’s your turn to get it.

P.P.S . You will be learning some specifics.

Eternal Attraction Principles and Concepts have a style.

  • How to not end up in the friend zone.
  • Why doing one little thing wrong in your game will ruin your attraction building.
  • Why Style focuses on building rapport after attraction, building the bridge to arousal.
  • How you use routines to turn your personality into a DHV.
  • A routine to find out what women find most attractive about you.
  • How to use disinterest to prove your HIGH VALUE.
  • The “HOLDING COURT” secret to position yourself as the center of attention.
  • Over a DOZEN of Style’s Attraction Pebbles: quick one-liners that build attraction.
  • Using the “Challenging” Attitude to raise your value by making her jump through your hoops.
  • How to not succeed at a DHV routine and STILL build attraction!
  • DHV routines from celebrities Style met as a writer. (I can’t reveal the celebrity names here, but trust me they’re good!)

Esoterica is a powerful and mysterious DHV.

  • An Astrology DHV you can use to build comfort and create a deeper connection
  • The secret routine to push past that lull in the conversation in isolation
  • Why Astrology is a safe place to playfully neg and flirt from to build attraction
  • How to become the Master of a Woman’s world through Astrology
  • Using Astrology to get the girl to ask YOU to come over for a DAY TWO
  • The uber-powerful Astrology disqualifier (hint: “I’m on the cusp!”)
  • The super quick cold read routine for each sign that you can learn in minutes
  • How to guess a woman’s sign and usually be correct…and a way out if you’re wrong
  • What the mode, polarity, and cardinal phase means bout each woman’s emotional self
  • Key buzz words that punch up your Astrology stack to seem like a professional Astrologer
  • Why getting a woman to argue about her sign with you will DEEPEN your connection
  • The ROOT for why you’re talking about Astrology so you don’t seem like the weird-o guy
  • How to synergize your Tarot readings with your Astrology readings for a double

Style takes your game to the next level.

  • 3 secrets to getting good NOW at game.
  • Why you should be learning actively instead of passively.
  • How to create a DHV personal ad or online dating bio that gets responses.
  • The secret to why Style succeeded at game.
  • The “needy” mistake that will kill your perceived high value to women.
  • Style’s complete structure for building attraction.
  • BONUS: see a hidden camera footage running game from approach to number close.
  • A brand new opener Style has never released before.

Generate your own routines.

  • Learn the worst routines that you should absolutely avoid when attracting women.
  • How to build your own PUA routines that will always convey value.
  • See the conversational pieces you need to build your perfect PUA DHVs.
  • One word that will make all of your PUA routines more successful.
  • Style’s model for complete attraction building presented.
  • How to incorporate DHV spikes into your stories to convey social value.
  • How to eliminate low value content from your stories so you don’t lose attraction.
  • The secret to micro-stepping to push yourself to feel more comfortable with DHVing.

The male should be the alpha.

  • How to fake it until you make it as an Alpha Male.
  • The Alpha DHV secret to being unfazed by negativity.
  • How to eliminate “but” and “can’t” from your vocabulary to succeed.
  • The steps to taking care of your body and home to convey your alpha attitude.
  • The O.O.D.A. cycle overview to create a superior male attitude.
  • The “Is this chair taken?” Alpha Male Opener for approaching seated sets.
  • Why you should never show your jealousy to a woman.
  • Why apologizing is a beta male trait that lowers female attraction.
  • How self-deprecating humor can make you appear even more alpha.
  • 5 low value body language habits that are ruing your confident image.

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