Julie Stoian – Course Chemist

Julie Stoian – Course Chemist

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 width= Julie Stoian – Course Chemist

How can your next course idea be turned into something?

The experience is transformational.

For your students…

In the next 4 weeks, Brainstorm, build and complete the best most reliable course you have ever created.

Even if you have never built one before.


The info product industry is filling up. Statistics are depressing. About course completion rates, refunds, and chargebacks doesn’t take into account the number of people who spend hours of time building something that never gets a student.

The experts are amazing. Like you! If you could just get your course idea finished, it would change the lives of hundreds or thousands of students.

Building a course feels like a lot of variables come into play. There is nothing like a scientifically sound process.

Sound familiar? This is what we call it.

There is a periodic table of course creation confusion.



There are inclusions. You don’t know how much to include.



Delivery method You don’t know if you should do it live, pre-recorded, or sell it.



Time energy. It seems like a lot to build a course.



There is a platform overwhelm. You are stuck in the weeds of platforms tech and how to choose the right one.



Past failures: You have built courses that were mediocre in the past, not something you are proud of.



The date is out of date. You don’t want to make something that will change in a few months.



There is a wild card. Prices and quality are all over the map when you do research to buy programs.



But how? None of the courses teach how to actually build the thing.



Pricing stinks. To get the most profit and the most sales, you don’t know what to price it.

If you are thinking.


How are you?

It is because we have seen. At this point, everything.

Also experienced it.

We have had several years, which is the only difference between us and you. Thousands of points of data. We need to figure out what won’t work and what will.

The good news is…

That means we have turned. The course creation process. Into it. It’s science. That means…

Predictable outcomes.

Here is what we found.

The top secret ingredient.

It works if you pre-sell a course.

The problem is that people don’t know what pre-selling actually means.

We presell a course so that you are prepared.

It happens with preparation.

  • A solid foundational mission statement
  • A detailed outline
  • Combine that with the marketing juice of who you’re serving and what solution you’re offering through sales copy…

There is a fast-acting takeaway.

You have anchored your course in the real world, where real people will pay with credit cards.

The second secret ingredient.

Then comes the planning.

This is how you discover works of art. This is what makes the course work.

The planning process is necessary to make your course unique. It is what makes your course unforgettable.

A woman with a plan.

frameworks aren’t often found when you’re flying by the seat of your pants In the planning process, you are weaving marketing instructional design to find a piece that helps you stand out.

There is a fast-acting takeaway.

We teach a different approach to a rough buildout.

3 is a secret ingredient.

Happy students.

Happy wallet.

Word of mouth referrals come from the community.

The most important thing that creates transformation is a fan base and word of mouth referrals.

Taking care of oneself. Business. It’s not like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it’s like it People.

A true identity shift for your students is created every step of the way with community involvement and rewards.

There is a fast-acting takeaway.

When you take care of your humans, they will take care of you.

Are you ready to create the best course you have ever created?

There are six instructional design experiments. It is an idea to completion. Your next course… You don’t have to worry that your content is going to be disappointing.

Sale Page: https://www.coursechemist.com/

Archive: https://archive.is/Nu4nA

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