Bas Rutten’s BIG DVDs of Combat

Bas Rutten’s BIG DVDs of Combat

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Bas Rutten’s BIG DVDs of Combat

  • Novice / Intermediate / Advanced Workouts For At Home or anywhere You Like
  • 4 Audio- Discs 1 DVD – 5 Fast Paced Total-Body Workouts For Men Or Women
  • 10 – 20 Minutes, Three Days A Week To Lose Fat And Build Muscle
  • Fat Burning, Strength Building, Injury Preventing Workout DVD
  • No Equipment Needed

Bas Rutten is your personal trainer.

Bas Rutten has a mixed martial arts workout.

There is audio and video instruction in this set. There are four audio CD’s and one video DVD. The workouts and how to do them with Bas are explained in a PDF file. The workout is easy to do. You do punching/kicking combinations when Bas Rutten calls them out. Every punch you throw builds strength and endurance and wears you out.

There are many combinations that can fit into 2 minutes. If you want to keep up with Bas, start on your own pace. You have to work up to where you can do all ten two-minute rounds or all seven three-minute rounds. An intense cardio workout can take up to 30 minutes.

You can do this at home or on the beach. There is no excuse to not go to the gym.

DVD #2. The opening word. Stretching. Japanese people warm up. Conditioning training. There are power drills. There is a positioning. There are baits.

DVD #2. The ground is striking. Standup Striking. Kicking. Blocks and Counters are used for punching. Blocks and Counters are used for kicks. There are stand up tricks and combinations.

DVD number 3. Upward Palm Strike. The strategy is ring strategy. Kicking an opponent on the back. The Pad Training is done in Thailand. MMA workout. Downs can be taken.

DVD#4 is a movie. There are chokes and neck cranks. The position of a turtle. There is a side mount. The Guard. The Guard of Opponent. The mountain It was Opponent’s Back.

DVD number 5. There are Heel Hooks. There are inverted Heel Hooks. Tendon pulls. The locks are scissor. The bars on the knees. The toe holds up.

DVD#6 is a movie. Arm bars can be used. There is a side mount. The Guard. The mountain There are other positions.

There is a DVD called DVD#7. Escapes and reversals. Interview with Bas. There are special appearances. Out of place.

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Bas Rutten's BIG DVDs of Combat

Contains Four Audio CD’s
And One Video DVD

All-Round Fighting CD
All-Round Workout CD
Boxing CD
Thai-Boxing CD
Workout Instructional DVD

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